Oh, that crazy, silly Jack!

Apologies if this has been posted already, but I just read an article on 1up.com saying that Mr. Thompson has bought stock in Take-Two Interactive to be able to attend the shareholder meetings. It almost seems fake. The letter basically amounts to him calling Take-Two CEO Paul Eibeler a poopyhead. I just have a hard time believing Jack is really serious when he says stuff like this:

What’s next, Paul, a game in which players can practice flying commercial jetliners into the World Trade Towers? Oh, I forgot. Microsoft already did that. Thank Time’s “Man of the Year,” Bill Gates, whose Halo trained Lee Boyd Malvo to be the Beltway Sniper as well.

Would somebody just punch this guy in the head already?


Murder simulator!

Murder simulator![/quote]
Killographic Murder Simulator. Get it right!

We call it . . . . the KILL-BOT FACTORY.

I can’t decide if I want to go into professional race car driving or become a neurosurgeon. Clearly with all the time I’ve put into Forza, PGR3 and Trauma Center I should be able to do either one.

Murder simulator![/quote]
Killographic Murder Simulator. Get it right![/quote]
And don’t forget “trainer” or “training” in there as well. That’s a key word.

When I started learning the alphabet, I was thrilled that one day I’d be able to write poison pen letters.

Turns out they’re not what I thought they were.

I work for Raven Software, who’s spent years making first person shooters. And I’ve spent years playing them and getting good at them. I’m ranked about in the top 3-5 players in our lunch time Rocket Arena games. This October, the company took us out for a day of paintball.

And I sucked. I mean, honestly. I barely hit the broad side of the paintball obstacles.

I should sue Thompson for claiming that these games would train me to be a cold-blooded killshot machine, but clearly he failed to deliver on that promise.

Of course, Jack is bananas. But, as a point of fact, is he not correct in his clai that Take-Two CEO Eibeler is a poopyhead? I think Eibeler has a cabinet full of “America’s worst CEO” trophies.

Until next year when Grand Theft Auto: ____ is released, the company makes hundreds of millions and everyone loves Take 2 again.

Well, sure, but the comments just don’t seem all that necessary in the letter which he wrote to announce the fact that he’s going to be poking his nose into their business. It just makes it feel like “Hey, I’m joining your club, dickheads!”.

I do agree with him that Halo is probably the greatest, most accurate sniping simulation evar!

Can I ask how the fuck he would even have enough money to do something like this?

You only need one share.

Ah I forgot that you could still attend the meetings with only one share. My mistake.