Oh this is just sad

Middle-aged losers GONE WILD!


Or undeniably cool? :shock:

Is the scary bald guy… Robin?


Wolverine’s holding a beer cooley…

I think that might actually be Billy Zane trying to get another superhero role…that ‘beer cooley’ thing cracked me up

That picture rocks.

It’s also why I don’t read comic books. I’m afraid I might end up like one of those guys.


Would someone PLEASE hurry up and turn this into a personality test?

‘Which Fourty Year Old In A Superhero Costume At A Ball Game Are You?’

I think I’m Sloth dressed as Superman on the far left: kind, caring, extremly retarded, and a danger to himself and others.

Spidey, since there’s no way I’d be showing my face in public with those other guys. Oh, who am I kidding? They should be commended for a brave and refreshing act of public silliness.

The Girl Who Went To School One Day In 8th Grade Dressed As A Giant Crocodile Wearing A Polo Shirt With A Tiny Human On It For No Reason Other Than I Thought It Would Be Funny.[/size]

I’m speechless. Other than that, I guess. And that…

i think Superman is really James Cramer from TheStreet.com!!

spitin’ image…

You gotta love Batman’s abs and pecs. It would have looked more ridiculous on an extremely fat person, but beggars can’t be choosers.

You gotta love Batman’s abs and pecs.

Yeah, but no nipple armor. I’m not impressed.

What’s up with the goiter on Spidey’s neck? He should have that shit looked at.

I’m Batman. Definitely. Mainly cuz those pecs and abs are the ones that remind me most of me.

Wow, you actually own a fake abs and pec vest and are willing to come on here and fess up? You’re a better man than me, Jeff Green.

I don’t care if you’re making that up or not, you’re my new forum hero.

This is just as sad – I’m not making it up. It was, of course, also the day Mom forgot to pick me up after school…so I had to walk home, dragging my long green tail (cunningly made out of an old tablecloth) behind me.

“Honk! HONK! Look, an alligator!” etc.

I think the guy threw up in his suit. I would.

I will be telling this story to everyone I know. Thanks.