Oh what the I don't even

Sometimes one sentence is a whole story. A damned sad story.

Whatever happened here, it sounds like the ultimate fling gone wrong.

They just don’t make yachts like they used to.

That must have been one hell of a hand-job.

Talk about sinking to a new low.

Also, what a cad, didn’t even stick around to help the lady get airlifted and have her hand re-attached. Everybody knows that’s the least you can do after hooking up casually!

Is this going to be a new Brazzers skit? They do some first class screenwriting.

Is holiday sex a lot better than regular sex?

If it’s the only time you have sex, then, yes. Ask Stella about how she got her groove back.

All I can think is “Captain Hook”. Arrrggg!

Sounds like he cut out the foreplay.

I was hoping for a tentacle, but all I got was a broken sink.

They were on a yacht. Wasn’t there a bed somewhere nearby? Spontaneity is great but…sex on a sink?

Easier to clean up after.

TTIWWP. Of the yacht, obviously.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that the reason you typed “Arrrggg!” is because this poor woman must have been in terrible pain.

Not mentioned, but I’m guessing much alcohol was consumed.

Was the Briton wearing a nautical themed Pashmina Afghan?