Ohio thread

Unbelievable. Kerry’s only down by 100,000. We could still pull it out, just like last election.

Come on, Ohio, get close enough that the networks all pull it back before Bush goes over 269…

It’s over Jason. Just enjoy the circus for the next four years.


Kerry’s not conceding but this is a massive longshot.

I’m still in “it’s over” mindset and not inclined to relocate…

Jason, you’re dreaming.

The last election was close, really close, less than 2000 votes close. Ohio is all but statistically over.

I’m all for going through the rest of the process but they “provisional” ballots won’t be counted for something like 11 days by state law, if I’m not mistaken. And even then, 75% would have to be Kerry votes… not likely.

Apparently, Kerry’s camp just made a statement to the effect of “when everything’s counted, we think we’re taking Ohio.”

It may still be unlikely, but they don’t appear like they’re ready to give up yet.

Cannot Bush win with Nevada, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Iowa (which are all leaning Bush, I think) even if he does not get Ohio? That still leaves Michigan and Wisconsin which are up in the air.

I think.

Gore covered a simliar margin last time in FL, remember? If Kerry can get it under 50k, might happen.

Looks like we’re going to lose NM, so no tie…

A tie’s as good as a loss for the Dems.

Gore was contesting a margin of about 500 votes in Florida last time, and he had won the popular vote.

Kerry appears to have lost the popular vote by an appreciable margin and is challenging what looks to be upwards of a 100,000 vote deficit in Ohio.

As I said in the predictions thread, many people will be surprised by the outcome tonight. For those people, it is time for soul-searching.

Cheers and Good night,

Ohio will be challenged, it looks like. The key is those provisional votes. Apparently the Democrats think those are heavily in favor of Kerry. Thing is, they won’t be counted for 11 days. Crazy.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Dems will not pursue Ohio any further if Bush’s lead exceeds 100,000 by morning/96% in.

Pity if the limb broke…

I’m getting the distinct sense that Ohio 2004 is going to be Florida 2000, only infinitely worse, because no one will be prepared to back down this time. The Dems will argue that the Republican SecState deliberately under-equipped inner-city precincts with sufficient voting machines. The GOP will countersue over “dodgy” provisional ballots. SCOTUS will watch on tenterhooks, hoping not to have to be called in to overrule a lower court ruling, but ready to do so if the lower court rules for the Dems.
Gonna be fun!

Interesting how it comes down to a state with a Republican governor whose administration has been shown to overtly try to circumvent peoples’ voting rights once again…

What I dont get is how come the they think the provisional/absentee ballots are going to favor them. Absentee ballots are always heavily republican and there is no chance in hell the provisionals are going to make up the 100K+ gap they are facing.

They look like sore losers.


Unless the margin ends up dropping to 50k or something.

Even if it does drop to withink 50k… its clear America wants Bush as president… by at least 3 million. America has voted and Bush is what they want.


Perhaps it’s time for another civil war.

We can break the country into two parts.

WestCoastNorthEastica and Idoitica.

Why does America hate America?

Ok even if the regular balloting closes to 50K, which I think is a HUGE stretch. The absentees will favor republicans. 2 to 1? Maybe not, but still. Are the provisionals going to cover that? Hell no.