OICW/XM-8 rifle canceled

The AK-47 was once the strange new innovation(actually, what everyone calls the AK-47 is the AKM). The 1903 Springfield and Mauser k98 and various other rifles were all rugged and reliable weapons that had been around for 50+ years for a good reason.

From the Wikipedia entry on the AK-74:

Like its parent AK-47 and AKM weapons, the AK-74 is a magazine-fed, selective-fire, intermediate caliber assault rifle with a rigid piston gas system and rotating bolt locking mechanism. The stamped sheet metal receiver is borrowed from the earlier AKM. The AK-74 has other differences from the AKM, notably the distinctive muzzle brake.

From that, it sounds like it isn’t a completely different design at all. It actually sounds very much like they already did make a modern rifle based on the AKM.

Yeah, I was wrong. So I know even less about weapons design than I even thought that I knew, so I’ll shut up now.


There was a lengthy article in Jane’s Defence Weekly about a month ago about assault rifle design, the XM-8 process/design, etc. before the announcement came down… will have to look it up again and read it.

— Alan

You people scare me.

You must be a for’ner or one of them Canadian folk.

To what? 5.56mm Nato? Like the AK-101?

and switch to a closed-bolt firing system (I’m pretty sure it’s an open-bolt firing system).

You are in fact, wrong.

That’s not to say I’m gonna asert something as silly as the AK system is inherently better then the M-16 system - they both have their pluses and minuses. Personally, I’d stick with the M-16 - it is more accurate due to it’s manufacturing process and is just as reliable if you clean the damn thing.

Also, since we are taking about weapons - SOCOM has apparently decided they want a new rifle for their people - FN-USA’s submission was apparently selected as the winner of the SCAR (Special Forces Combat Assault Rifile) competition.

Yeah the Jane’s article mentioned it… it’s kind of about how the US was considering changing their standard ammunition to perhaps a NATO size or maybe even use a new caliber altogether (6.2 or 6.8mm) that is being tested by various armorers… but everything about a new standardization was being thrown a monkeywrench by SOCOM’s SCAR requirements, which includes the ability to use multiple calibers through simple interchanging (5.56mm and two 7.62 types).

— Alan