Ok, can we bury him now?

Remember when the deification of fallen leaders was something the other side did?

And Kennedy just got dumped in a hole with no one watching?

They’re just following the federal lead. Pataki made a similar proclamation for New York state employees.

I wonder if Minnesota – the only state to go for Mondale in '84 – will follow suit…

They’re just following the federal lead. Pataki made a similar proclamation for New York state employees.[/quote]

No one listens to your anecdotes if its not about a state all ready plagued by factually wrong ones (ie predominantly republican states - and don’t get me wrong, Republicans chap my ass, but so do liberals).

Keep those death penalty anecdotes coming, folks. We’re loving 'em here. Really. Wanna make Reagan’s deification a new one to use on us? Sure thing. Go ahead. Wonderful.

Not like we ever elected an actor Governor. Or went bankrupt. Or gave illegal immigrants their first step into being full members of this country without having to work for it. Or had the worst power-scandal in history. Or idolize a sign and all that its glory stands for that once read ‘Hollywoodland’. Or recalled a governor you had just voted in. Or riot. Excessively. Whenever your favorite sports team loses. Or have strikes when your average clerk drone gets paid $15/hr with benefits. Or have strikes when your average wharf/dock lacky gets paid $115k/yr. Or let a double-murderer go in criminal court and then rape him in civil. Or idolize a black man for driving around drunk while speeding in white suburbia when he gets the shit beat out of him for resisting arrest. OR HAVE MORE PEOPLE ON DEATH ROW? OR HAVE LEGAL ACTION TAKEN AGAINST YOUR USE OF THE GAS CHAMBER, INCLUDING A (iirc) CIRCUIT COURT RULING AGAINST YOU?

Aren’t anecdotes fun! What can you come up with?

Kennedy was the current president at the time of his death.

So sorry.

It’s alright. I forgive you.

List of those who have lain in state at the Capitol Rotunda.

Every president since Eisenhower, for those keeping score at home, plus a bunch of others.

ETA: Except for that pesky Nixon fellow.

I was thinking more of the Simi Valley necrofest…

A day under the rotunda I can hang with.

Hey, I think it’s all fairly restrained. Doesn’t anyone remember the absurd grieving over Princess Di?