Ok I cannot figure out how to delete my account

How do you remove your self from QT3?

How can you get yourself off this channel?

I would appreciate if anyone can tell me, because I have been left clicking on my name and cannot see to be able to go away.

Maybe Tom can throw me out.

Lol at least this will be the last time some forum thread Nazi doesn’t tell me to not start a new thread.


Before you reply to me in anything other than I have politely asked … just know: all I want to know is how I can leave QT3. Just tell me how I can do that.

Before you are rude about it just know: I am asking a simple question.

A simple answer would suffice.

Generally I’d just logout and, uh, not come back. This link may be useful.

If it’s a more nuclear option you’re after, just email the admin direct and babble something semi-coherent about GDPR. It doesn’t look like there’s a ‘delete account’ option available so that’s about your best bet.

Tell me true, was it my terrible cat puns?

Lol fox it isn’t you.

I haven’t seen the “This forum sucks because X happened, I quit” format since ~2007 or so. Memories…

I think anyone quitting over cat puns would just be a puss.

lol no cat puns… I am sure Tom will kick me out if I ask. And I have asked.

In a lame attempt to talk you off the ledge, it is possible to mute entire boards if that’s what’s bothering you.

After all, nobody need subject themselves to the vitriol of the fanatical Apple deviants lurking in Hardware and technical stuff. shudder

Plus I loved your cat puns. Lol --see you in the next life.

In line with the thread title: I cannot figure this out. Why do you want to leave? Whenever I come across one of your posts, it appears to be positive, so why stop?

To be clear: you by no means have to explain or defend yourself for leaving: if that is what you want, the choice is yours of course. But if your leaving has nothing to do with the forum itself or the behaviour of its members, it might be nice to say so, so we don’t have to worry about that. If it does have to do with us, it would also be good to know, so perhaps we can do something about it (not necessarily to make you stay, but to prevent others from leaving).

Anyway, all the best to you!

I thought this was about a game. Instead, it’s something sad.

It will suck if you do go because I enjoyed reading your enthusiasm when it came to Warhammer 2.

Also fuck the haters. Tom’s rules are the only rules. As far as I can tell, you’re a valued part of this community in my eyes.

I don’t get it either, and I agree that your posts are always enjoyable and you are a valued contributor to this board. So I’m sorry to see you go.

But if you really want to leave you can log out and never come back. If you’e worried about somehow not having enough willpower to stay away, you can ask tom to close your account (that happened a few years ago during a big event).

I’m always amused when people do a melodramatic post asking for their removal of a forum. Like… dude, just log off and don’t enter in the url again? Is your willpower so weak that you need to be banned or removed?

Sometimes it is that way. It’s hard to let morons, assholes and jerks have the last word, even if it is for the best.

Sometimes, people just need a little support and validation. Sometimes, people just want to know they will be missed. Maybe, after this thread, @KristiGaines decides to to stick it out a little longer, dealing with whatever it is they are dealing with knowing that some of the people here value them.

Maybe they don’t. Which is sad, but understandable.

The hardest part of Qt3 isn’t the assholes or the jerks, the ones that avoid the politics and religion thread for good reason. It’s the people here that seem okay or pretty cool and then you are blindsided by some random opinion, frame of mind or view point.

God, I don’t know how much time I lost in the Epic Thread…

That thread has made me take more then 1 break from Qt3.

But I love me my TBS MP games.

And yet I often get it anyway.

What happened?

@KristiGaines like many others here I would also miss your unchecked enthusiasm for games that radiates from your posts. Please reconsider.

Don’t leave @KristiGaines you are my pixel games soulmate.

And think of the folks who were just discovering Foyle’s War in that mystery show thread!