OK. My turn for a networking problem

I was copying stuff from my file server to my main desktop. During the process, the main desktop locked up and I had to cold boot. Since then, I can’t get it back on the network. It won’t get a DHCP address. Thinking maybe something was weirded out with my router, I assigned it an IP address manually. Still no joy.

To rule out the router, I did a release/renew from another computer and it worked fine.

I’ve tried re-installing the drivers for the on-board Realtek, and no joy, and used a spare cable that’s known good.

Is it a safe assumption the on-board NIC decided to give up?

Is it a safe assumption the on-board NIC decided to give up?

Seems like it. From a command prompt, do an ipconfig/all on the problem PC and see what information you get.

It’s just picking up the default address windows gives it. If I unplug the cable, it tells me that’s unplugged.

Then the card seems like it might be OK, maybe.

In your router did you assign IP’s or are you using DHCP?
Are you getting any lights on the back of the Nic or the port that the computer is plugged into on the router that would indicate that they are communicating?

Right click on My Computer, Properties, Hardware tab, Device Manager, Network Adapters, your Nic.
Any errors there in any of the settings abs?
Is it disabled here or in your Network Places?

There’s a lot of possibilities of the cause. The fact that it detects the card being unplugged is a good sign though. You might get lucky and simply have a setting wrong or configuration issue.

If that’s the case, I’d shit can that card and try another. When NICs that work suddenly stop working, it’s usually a hardware failure.

It’s not the cable or the port. When I changed the cable, I just plugged in the laser printer next to it into the computer’s nic. Now, to be fair, I didn’t then print to the printer to make sure it works in case the router or the hub itself is busted. I’ve got a wireless/wired Linkys router and another hub buried under my desk. At this point, it’s almost impossible to tell what goes where.

When I do connect the cable, after a bit it tells me there’s “limited or poor connectivity.”

I’ve had the computer for a year. Every now and then during a big network job it locks up. It’s done it twice this week, and hasn’t done it for a bit. Given how cheap NICs are, I think I’ll just grab one from Staples on the way home.