Ok, new gaming PC finally.. What did I miss?

Just picked up an ok gaming PC the other day finally… 6600 GT, 1 gig, Athlon 64, etc…

It’s been about a year, I would estimate, if not more.

Now, I grabbed Far Cry and Painkiller because I’ve heard they both kick ass.

What else did I miss? Half-life 2, Doom3… etc?


Rome: Total War

I missed Half-Life 2 too. Even though I bought it. I mean I started playing it and then 10 hours later it was over. Geez.

Pick up the PC port of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. It’s superb and looks as good or better than Half-Life 2 and Doom 3.

As far as looking better than HL2 or Doom 3, I’d say that while it’s at least close to as good looking, that’s made largely irrelevant when you realize it’s just a much better game entirely. I could see a case for HL2 looking better than Riddick because of the different environments it has, but really, Riddick is so much more fun than either game it doesn’t matter.

Can we just call this thread ‘PC Games I Liked’?

Also, should we start a separate one for Xbox and PS2? I would also recommend a Gamecube thread, but I haven’t seen Dave Long around in a while, so there might not be enough material for that one.


Play these games/

IGN editor’s choices? They had nine in last March alone. How discriminating…

Why didn’t you just link him to EB or send him to Mobygames?


I wasn’t going to click on it, because I thought it might go to some Freddie Prinze Jr. fansite, but it seems the list Jose linked is confined to the games that scored in the 8-9 range of the 7-9 scale.


The 8.3 to 9.7 scale to be precise, reaching all the way back to 1998.

There aren’t any truly bad games on the list, but if someone asks me today which games they should play, Caesar III is not going to be one of my first picks.

I should contribute here, though, and echo the recommendation of Rome: Total War. Sims 2 is also a must play in my book.


Silent Hunter III.

Jesus F. Christ

Is this the first time IGN has been linked on Qt3 in a non-ironic fashion? I think it might be.

Another vote for RTW.

Possibly play the Rome Total Realism mod it makes the game more historically accurate and a bit more difficult.


Wow…I’m just gonna have to disagree with Troy, in that I don’t care what day it is…I’d pick Caesar III over The Sims 2 any day of the week.

I enjoyed the Sims, but the Sims 2 just seemed…hollow, to me.

I mean to each his own. And I guess this isn’t entirely relavent. I was just surprised to see Troy (of all people!) to say “poo” to Caesar III, and then in the same post, call Sims 2 a must-play.

Odd. He used to have better taste. :-)

Hey now. I didn’t say poo. Don’t you go putting words in my mouth.

I loved Caesar III, but it is very much of its day and if someone is just getting back into PC Gaming, I’m certainly not recommend a game eight years old. If I was going to send them to a city builder it would be to Children of the Nile.

And I still have immaculate taste. Don’t make sic the undead wumpus on you.


Been sick… still not 100%. :(


Obviously, because you did send me to that very game recently. Thanks, by the way. It didn’t hold my attention as long as I’d hoped, but that’s no failing of the game…Even Tropico (which I used to absolutely adore) hasn’t been cutting it for me lately, so I think I’m just not in a city-builder phase in my life. :-)

Anyway, so that I make a vague contribution to this thread: I recommend Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines. A lot. Grabbed on recommendation of these guys, and it’s the best RPG – or, for that matter, best game – I’ve played in awhile.

Dave’s frag finger only goes up to five. :)


Thanks for the link. :)

You can also look at it as 15 games in 4 months.

Did you feel that way about Caesar III in 1998? 7 years ago?

On IGN’s list. Surprise. Surprise.

It came out in 1998. Perhaps he should stick to games released in 2003-2005?! I still stand by IGN PC having a good list of solid PC games to play.