OK ok ok ok ok ok

Since everyone likes to kick me in the crotch, I thought I’d try to remedy the latest foot to groin activity.

Is there anyone who would like to review for the Mac and for the XBox on levitateme? We need PS2 as well, but Mac and Xbox are getting absolutely no love.

Are you serious? Reviewing for the Mac?


“OK ok ok ok ok ok”

Looks like you just watched a Lethal Weapon movie.

Yes I’m serious about Mac reviewing. I’d do it but I sold my Mac.

and I AM A LETHAL WEAPON MOVIE!!! oh so lethal.

Any financial or other renumeration?

I’m not interested in doing it, but I have several Mac user friends who can write reasonably well who might be interested. Let me know.

Loyd Case

I wish. We aren’t making any money yet and as I’m preparing for a wedding and just moved into a new place and trying to get all that sorted out, I can’t give any money. And then there’s Jenkins. He’s got to buy Empire of Magic and such, so you know.

Any financial or other renumeration?

Loyd Case[/quote]

The love and respect of our 3 person fanbase.

And the ability for me to tear apart your review with my l33t copy-editing sk1llz.

Any financial or other renumeration?[/quote]

The love and respect of our 3 person fanbase.[/quote]
And none of them are hot chicks…though one will pretend to be…until you get The Pictures.

What would you actually review? Shareware releases, or the occasional PC port?

I don’t know if this the type of thing you are looking for, but I just registered and started playing Geneforge. I remember when I downloaded it seemed to have a MAC version. If that’s the case and there are no large differences (why should there be?) and you don’t mind taking a review from less than a rank amateur whose silly, ugly English you’d probably have to heavily edit, it’s relatively recent and seems to be Spiderweb’s newest RPG…only thing is, it’d take me a while to play it enough to review.

I suppose I could offer you an Otogi* review (Sega’s releasing it soon in the US, it was released around six months ago by FROM over here in Japan). Though I don’t own an Xbox, so its all based on what I’ve played on other’s (granted, its enough to win the game). I’m pretty sure the game’s taken so long to translate because they want to tone down or at least eliminate a lot of the confusion that the all the heavy Japanese context might generate, but on the plus side it’d probably be the only review in English to understand the subtexts of the game’s themes. ;) (I’d be shocked speechless if they get translated or anyone recognizes them.)


*He, he, kind of ironic how the closest translation of the name would be “Fable” huh?

Thanks for the offer. I’ll PM you. :)

I have a Mac but I rarely use it for playing games, other than Pocket Tanks and Escape Velocity. I love the Mac platform and OS X rocks my world, but, geez, gaming just ain’t happenin’ on Steve Job’s one-button mouse digital hub of the future.

Just curious, though, why have a Mac section at all? There isn’t that much gaming news, and sites like macledge (“don’t jump!”*) and imgmagazine, run by Mac diehards, have all the bases covered, don’t they?

[size=1]*stolen from Blue[/size]