Ok so I know it is pretty far off but

I’m assuming(no one has officially said anything ) that xbo2 will be there in some form. How about Nintendo next and the PS3?

Sony said the PS3 would be at E3 this year, but then seemed to back off on exactly what that actually means. They will probably talk about it, but whether or not it has a finalized design or they have anything playable is another matter. Expect tech demos. As for Nintendo, I’ve heard that they may be behind despite their promise to launch when Sony does, so who knows. Also, both company’s have traditionally made these kind of big announcements in Japan, not at E3.

The next XBox coming this fall is the worst kept secret in gaming so I’m not sure what MS hopes to gain by waiting to announce it officially. The only reason I can see is that they are afraid sales of the existing system will plummet when the next is announced, but given they aren’t shipping the current system in any quantity right now, that argument seems lacking.

Well, there’s that, and also the possibility that they don’t want to disclose specs any sooner than they have to, in order to keep the other two players guessing.

There’s no real incentive to reveal right now.

[ul]* There’s no competitor releasing soon that they want to steal the thunder from.[/ul] [ul]* Xbox is an established brand, so they’ll only need a few months to prep the market, if that.[/ul] [ul]* All their big developers have SDKs already – and it’s not like they have to go public to send those out anyway.[/ul]