Ok, This Obamania is getting out of hand

Absolutely everyone is going completely off their rockers. From mountains being named after the dude to every single leader in the world going on about how Obama is going to single handedly save their countries, end global warming, pull all American troops out of the middle east, etc.

I agree, the guy is eloquent and says a lot of the right things but I really think people are getting a little bit silly now.

The guy is hopefully going to be a good president, and he has overcome a huge hurdle to get where he is but I think it is time the whole bloody world and their dog starts toning down their expectations.

The bar has been set pretty low. All he has to do to look like the second coming is be adequate.

I agree with you, but I am not sure if my dogs, which are hypoallergenic poodles I just got on Wednesday and have named Iowa & Messiah, can have their expectations altered.

Huh, where are you getting this from? A lot of foreign leaders are happy, because he seems like someone who will listen. People expect him to actually approach each of these problems, not cure them with a wave of his hand.

Everything from TV to newspapers to QT3.

I agree we should celebrate the fact that the new president elect is a vast departure from the old. After eight years of Bush the world needs an intelligent well spoken US president but just how much and how quickly can he be expected to change things?


Keep in mind, a goodly amount of the Obama praise right now, especially from foreign countries, is really a more polite way of saying “Oh thank god Bush and any Bush-like policies are on their way out.”

That’s ok, my dad just compared Rahm Emanuel to Adolf Eichmann and is complaining about the liberal media again. Just give it a few weeks.

Two words:

Since Kennedy.
That was the last time America loved a president as much

And we all know that adequate sucks.

Woooooo CHANGE!

I’m getting it from posts like this one.

That’s the audacity of hope.

So I should stop my plans on building a huge, golden Obama idol?


Its the first black president of a first world, western nation!
(isn’t it - or am I missing someone?)

Kenya made the 5th national Obama day or something.
Even Nelson sent his good wishes.

An elderly man works in the White House through years when people like himself were dealing with all kinds of travails. He and his wife have the opportunity to vote for the first African American with a legit chance of winning, they look forward to it, discuss it eagerly, plan to defy their own infirmities and diminished mobility to get out to vote, and his wife died the day before the election. I cried a little.

An old man was married for 69 years. Saw the Great Depression, World Wars, Jim Crow, all of it. Started volunteering for Obama just to have something to do when his wife died earlier in the year. And he reflects on his own mortality and the mortality of all his peers, and the future the young people all around him were trying to forge, a future he knows he mostly won’t see. I cried a little.

My great aunt, 91 years old and very physically fragile, but mentally sharp, my 70 year old mother, and I talk on the phone election night about the things that have happened in our lives and how we felt that night, as Democrats, as Americans, and as black people. We talked about Obama’s grandmother, who didn’t make it to see the day. We all cried a little.

Jesse Jackson, a man who has said and done regrettable things over the years, but who grew up in an almost unimaginably fucked up social reality and ran a few quixotic Presidential campaigns himself, stands in a sea of cheering people with tears streaming down his face. I cried a little.

You know, maybe I’m just a big girly sap. The “superman” scene in Iron Giant makes me cry. Shadow coming over the hill at the end of Voyage Home The Longest Journey makes me cry a little. That British runner who snapped his hammy during the Olympics mid race, and his dad came down out of the stands to help him hobble across the finish line, made my cry a little. shrug

Obama is, I think, an extraordinarily gifted politician. I have no idea if he’ll be a great President. I know he’ll make decisions that will disappont me, he already has with the FISA thing. But I’ll reserve the right to be moved by the symbolism and historical import of what’s going on right now, for the nation and myself and my family.

While I agree that response is a bit much, it’s a response to an event, not deifying the man.

I think Obama is a bright guy (obviously), and a good writer and speaker. But he’s never said anything that reached me on that emotional level. I think a lot of people feel the same way, even those professing to be moved to tears.

Hugin, no explanation needed. The rest of us get it, particularly in the context of the thread. I’d recommend ignoring NoWayJose.

Frankly, NoWay, I wish you’d find another forum to post on. I’m really tired of your constant antagonism. At least guys like Dirt, Fooey, and Bob Cherub seem to actually have a point beyond simply being a dick to other people.