Ok, This Obamania is getting out of hand

Indeed, I didn’t mean “large”. I just mean that it was an actual group and not anecdotes mythically woven together to create the impression of something that didn’t really exist. I don’t think that massive numbers of Obama supporters expect him to still the tides. I do think there is what I might deem unrealistic expectations of what he can accomplish but that is only natural given being the party out of office for two terms and the candidate being an orator of Obama’s skill and charisma.

I didn’t ascribe any positive or negative attribute to it. It’s a movement like any other social movement. I am conservative, so of course I would rather have it gone the other way. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the historic significance of the moment or would seek to deny anyone their enjoyment of the moment. You won; by all means, sincerely, revel in the purity of the victory before the gritty day-to-day of governing wears that luster down. I was just attempting to clarify what I thought NWJ was trying to say, from a sociological perspective.