OK, where do I get Audigy 2 ZS drivers?

Creative’s site for the whole world is apparently connected to the web via one old creaky 14.4 kbps analog modem, because I can’t bring up their support site for sh*t.

Lotsa places. :)



Thanks, I tried that, but many many of the links lead to old versions, not to the latest and greatest. Creative’s support site finally came to life after a couple of hours of trying on and off.

Bad news.
The “latest and greatest” are in fact the October 2006 ones.
I have a 2 ZS as well, and those are what I am using, as I haven’t found any that are more recent.


Kx’ Creative drivers are the best you’re gonna get IMO.

Yep. kX is the only non-bluescreening driver I’ve ever used.

If you want drivers for Vista, I use the ones on Creative’s site. Just flip the switches to show beta ones as well and you can get one from September of 2008.

I got some (possibly beta) ones that work with XP that are from this July or something.