Ok, who's still playing WoW?

I know there’s some of you who haven’t given up yet. I might reactivate just to screw around on the alliance side over the holidays and figured I’d ask after survivors first…

Me! Doomhammer horde side I have


Kirin Tor I have a bunch of newbies on the alliance side. If you want to play Alliance RP, then let me know and I’ll get back to you on names.


Last time I checked, I think about five million people still are.

My guild is fairly active over the holidays but inevitably we don’t have raid numbers as some people slip off to do family stuff, so today we’re honor and rep farming in Arathi Basin.

I still play a lot.

Any of you guys on Illidan?

Skullcrusher - Human Rogue, Hakujin (level 19)

My cousin and her boyfriend got me to rejoin to help them out with their guild, The Wu-Tang Clan.

I play every now and then. Got Guild Wars recently as a Christmas gift though, so I’ll most likely play WoW less often.

There is an active QT3 guild on Moonrunner/Alliance. We even have a shitty webpage! http://dropbears.dyndns.org

I think I’m done with wow for awhile, just couldn’t get into it.


Same here on the above. I am still playing and loving it. I wont be taking a break anytime soon.

I reupped and am downloading the 280odd MB patch now.

Playing nightly with a group of guys I work with. Daggerspine / Alliance / PvP.

I’ve lapsed back into it over the last couple weeks. Don’t have plans to play for long, but it is still an insidious game.


I wheel out my level 60 alliance mage on Earthen Ring every few weeks for a raid or something. Mostly I’m leveling alts on a different server now though…

I just picked it up a few days ago. I thought I was burnt out on fantasy MMORPGs, but I guess not. I also thought I’d enjoy being a mage, but right now I’m loving my little orc warrior that I’ve got running around on Aegwynn.

If anyone needs to fill out their guild, though, let me know and I’ll jump ship to wherever you are. One thing I’ve learned already is that WoW has some of the worst PUGs of any game I’ve played. Rapacious looting, gibberish communication, people running around like chickens with their heads cut off and training monsters back to the group, the works. It’s funny now, but I can see how it’ll get to be a drag in another few levels.

It may vary from server to server or just be luck of the draw, but my experiences with PUGs have been mostly positive.

Im still playing. I’m near the end of things to do other than the raid instances though and leveling alts. The 1.9 patch might change that.

You’ve achieved zen mastery of PvP?

Sounds to me like you need to come over to Moonrunner and DROP BEARS (alliance side, orcs suck)