Okami HD

How the heck i’ve missed this. PS3 is getting improved version of Okami. Should be out next month (in PSN)

Super happy fun times.

Never played it, looks cool though!

Okami is a wonderful game. So long as you look at that trailer and can say “I appreciate this art style and music and want to be immersed in it, I love the idea of playing a game strongly influenced by Zelda, and don’t really care if it doesn’t have tremendously great story and dialogue”, then you can’t go wrong, and will have many satisfying hours ahead of you with the game.

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Okay, I think I’m sold after reading the Eurogamer review.

Many, many, hours.

It’s very long for a Zelda-alike. It’s pretty enough that it doesn’t wear out it’s welcome, but bear in mind that it’s a pretty significant commitment if you plan on beating it.

It is really long but that is ok because the game holds your hand so much that you’ll become bored with it long before seeing the end.

I feel as if this is a serious exaggeration, given that I’ve played it. It definitely doesn’t hold your hand that much, especially compared to some games. Like a certain fairy in certain Zelda games.

Game remained interesting to me the whole way through, and I found the world fun to explore. The combat was fun. The different weapons each felt unique enough to me.

My only real complaint with the game is sometimes it gets long winded during story exposition, and combat takes place in walled off zones rather than out in the open.

Oh, it’s not an exageration, not at all. Not even a little. It’s an undeniable truth for experienced gamers all over, I’m sure.

My only real complaint with the game is sometimes it gets long winded during story exposition, and combat takes place in walled off zones rather than out in the open.
And mine is that just when you think you’re done, you gotta repeat certain things, over and over again. It’s not so much the length of the game that’s troublesome though (as others have attested, I can put hundreds of hours into certain games just fine), but like you mentioned about the long-winded exposition – it pretty much boils down to bad pacing all over.

This is a game that would really benefit from an HD version though, I think. And there’s a lot of game to be had here, if you don’t mind the goalposts being moved every so often just when you think you’ve had your fill and you’re about to wrap things up.

I’ve got a half(?) finished save on a PS2 memory card somwhere, so I agree that the game’s pacing felt a little off–I eventually lost interest, put it down, and never picked it back up.

In spite of that complaint, I got a lot of enjoyment out of Okami, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Zelda-style games. Perhaps I’ll re-buy it in HD.

It’s a Zelda clone. Of course it’s long-winded and repetitive and unnecessarily hand-holdy (hand-beholden?).

The game seemed a little short when I hit what I thought was the final boss, a little earlier than expected. The actual game is around three times as long as that. YMMV, but it never flagged for me, unlike most Zelda games (Ocarina included).

Count me in with the camp that played a good chunk of it and put it down. The excessive hand-holding and dialogue interrupts can be real grating if you have little patience, but the experience is enjoyable.

I actually preferred the Wii motion controls despite the occasional(and often) misinterpreted input. It’s a worthwhile trade off as I found the painting and drawing mechanic more engaging with the pointer than using an analog stick. I might even invest in the PS Move controller if I ever decide to snag this HD port.

[QUOTE=BDGE;3215696]Count me in with the camp that played a good chunk of it and put it down.

Same with me. I loved the game all the way through the first boss battle but the game seemed directionless and repetitive after that. I kept failing one of the running around underground mini games and I thought “that was fun but now I’m done with this.” Still I hope there is an HD demo for the PS3.

I don’t think i want to play a game where i’m a dog…


you play a ‘goddess’, which sounds cooler than a dog (and is!), called Amaterasu, that has taken the form of a white wolf (which is also cooler than a dog). I found the boss battles frustrating, but all the rest really fresh and interesting.

It looked beautiful on the PS2 and was certainly an adventure, albeit one in which you do the same thing 3 times and is too long and talks too much.

I’ll pick this up though because my heart belongs to Clover.

I also felt that much of what’s great about Okami is experienced in the first few hours after which it repeats itself a bit too much. Unless you really just can’t get enough, you shouldn’t feel obligated to try and power through the game all at once as there’s no real payoff to the story or structure that prevents you from getting burned out on it. Just play it whenever you get the urge - and drop it if you don’t - and you’ll come away with a much better experience.

What about a Pomeranian in a post apocalyptic Tokyo?

I like Okami a great deal and will be getting the HD remake, but you should ready yourself for one of the most annoying sidekicks you’ve ever endured in a game. He’s useless, hyper-cutesy, and way too talkative - basically if there is a potential trait in a sidekick that makes me wish I could set them on fire with my mind, he possesses that trait.

And prepare for the mother of all annoying unskippable intros. Unless… dare I hope?.. they actually let you fast-forward or skip it this time around.

At any rate, if you can overlook those two things, you’ll probably enjoy Okami a lot. The pacing does falter a bit in the latter half or so but I still enjoyed the entire thing. The story’s geared towards kids, but everything else (minus the sidekick) was so charming that I didn’t care at all. Had a blast.

Get ready to be bored out of your mind!