Okay for Bono to dodge taxes like a hard-assed conservative?

“A familiar paradox about leftist celebrities in the entertainment industry is that their embrace of progressivism almost never includes a wholehearted embrace of progressive taxation, i.e., the principle that the richer you get, the larger the percentage of your income that you pay in taxes ought to be. The latest example is U2’s Bono, a committed and unusually sophisticated anti-poverty crusader who is taking surprisingly little heat for the decision by his band, U2, to relocate its music-publishing business from Ireland to the Netherlands in order to shelter its songwriting royalties from taxation. . . . [R]elocating your business offshore in order to avoid paying taxes to the Republic of Ireland, where poverty is higher than in almost any other developed nation? Bono’s hypocrisy seems even more naked when you consider that Ireland is a tax haven for artists.”

I suppose the question is, what does he do with all of that money that he saves? Give it back to the Irish poor?

EDIT: “Dodge” taxes was probably a bad word, as it is associated with criminal avoidance. He is minimizing his tax by switching countries, a tactic generally employed by big, evil, African killing corporations and Sean Connery.

And all Swedish tennis players.

Didn’t the Beatles do something similar?

Bono has made it a personal perogative to support paying lots of taxes? Could you provide a quote for that?

The reason you can get away with offshoring profits like this, of course, is that the GOP blocks all attempts to regulate it.

They’re to blame for Irish artists dodging Irish taxes by moving their business to the Netherlands? Man, they’re everywhere!

Sure, as soon as you provide the quote where I said that.

Well what specific claim are you making then, smarty man?

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How about… hypocrisy!

“Forgive the third world nations their debt (but you don’t get to do it with my money, suckers!)”

What sort of idiot theory is this? Has Bono called for third world debt forgiveness paid for with tax dollars? Is opposing forcing third worlders to pay for debts run up by their previous evil dicators, which I guess has the implication that it might cost first-world governments a bit from their treasuries if they need to make up the shortfall (which is an if), conflict with “advocating progressive taxation”? Perhaps you explain the hypocrisy?

I assumed this was about the US, Squirrel, I guess the Republicans aren’t at fault for once. :) They do consistently oppose offshore tax haven regulation, though.

Probably more the African poor.

I hate Bono and his shitty, shitty music but it’s probably more okay for him to do this than, say, anybody else who does this.


From http://www.oecd.org/document/40/0,2340,en_2649_33721_36418344_1_1_1_1,00.html :

Net ODA (Official Development Assistance) in 2005 as percent of GNI Country Aid amount by GNP:

Norway 0.93
Sweden 0.92
Luxembourg 0.87
Netherlands 0.82
Denmark 0.81
Belgium 0.53
Austria 0.52
UK 0.48
Finland 0.47
France 0.47
Switzerland 0.44
Ireland 0.41
Germany 0.35
Canada 0.34
Italy 0.29
Spain 0.29
Japan 0.28
New Zealand 0.27
Australia 0.25
Greece 0.24
USA 0.22
Portugal 0.21

Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Denmark are the only countries to exceed the UN target of 0.7% of GNI for foreign development aid. Ireland, as you can see, sucks shit at it.

10 minutes in Google.

Has Bono called for third world debt forgiveness paid for with tax dollars?

Is there another kind?

I think Lennon’s emigration to America had at least something to do with the high taxes in Britain, and of course George Harrison wrote an angry song about the taxman. Not sure about anything beyond that.

Yes, since ‘debt forgiveness’ in the general case means getting the World Bank and the IMF to forgive loans made out to third world countries. It gets a bit complicated here, though. The funding for these two institutions mostly comes from first world nations, but they also have partial funding via the interest payments on their loans, which, almost by definition comes from other poor countries.

Ireland is one of the poorest nations in western Europe, despite its rapidly developing economy.

Making it one of the wealthier countries in the world. Hopefully some of the foreign aid from the Netherlands will get there!

It’s a decision by his band, not a decision by him personally. For all we know, he fought it tooth and nail.

More importantly, this does seem like apples and oranges to me. Bono’s about debt relief via forgiveness of debts, and his personal finances don’t seem to play a role in it at all. If he was supporting a flat tax or something, then I could see how this would be hypocrisy; instead, it’s just a rich guy using a tax shelter.

We used to be at a cool ONE percent… then we got a rightwing government.

But I get why people call hypocrisy - at my last U2 concert Bono called out for us all to whip out our cellphones and donate by SMS to end world hunger, yet I saw no mention of how much of the rather high ticket price would be donated.
Bill Gates talks to world leaders as well, but he’s also putting his substantial fortune where his mouth is (allthough his views are less controversial than Bonos)

Which is why it contributes more than Germany, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

I’m using your own data. Why are you cutting yourself like that?

You realize if that debt is forgiven, someone has to make up the difference? It will ultimately come out of someone’s pocket, and like it as not, that typically means taxes.