Okay, I'm Pissed

I know, I said I wouldn’t talk about this anymore but JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH am I pissed.

Someone please kill that piece of shit “sniper”. WTF, how many have to go through with what he’s dealing out?

“Your standing too close,
what the fuck’s with you,
you ain’t my old lady and you ain’t a tatoo,
no need to whimper,
no need to shout,
this party’s over,
Lyrics courtesy of Sebastian Bach. Music courtesy of Skid Row.

I couldn’t agree more. Morale is pretty bad here. They have to find that guy and soon.

– Xaroc

What gets me is how fast he disappears. You’d think that they could seal off all the roads around an area within minutes of a shooting and nab him through a massive car search, but he’s apparently long gone by the time they do that. I think the guy’s shrewd, but I bet he’s gotten a bit lucky too.

I doubt this is a terrorist act, but just think if it was and one of these shooters would pop up every couple of months in a different city. Talk about a jumpy nation.

Yep guy’s,

I couldn’t agree with you more. He knows the area (evidently) very well and he’s a stealthy little prick to boot.

After this morning it just enraged me, more so than 9/11 if you can believe that. I guess it’s because he picks off anybody. No rhyme nor reason. Terrorism, possibly…that’d be a real kick in the ass.



Whoever’s behind the “Greg Lannes” character is doing a great job.


Ya cool.




How boring

I thought I was the only person on earth who knew the lyrics to obscure Skid Row songs.

I blame videogames.

Pembleton and Baylis caught this guy by now. What’s the hold up?

My chief concern at this point is that what the sniper is accomplishing is proving that this sort of thing can be done consistently and gotten away with. At the rate he’s going, he’ll get busted eventually - because even the perfect crime can’t be repeated indefinitely.

However, I think once he is put down there’s a distinct possibility of someone elsewhere taking up the hobby to fill the void in the media coverage.

I’m also wondering if this is a madman with a “message” or just a “man hunter” fetish of his. If he does have a message, only the cops know it if anyone… and you’d have thought he’d get his agenda out in the open by now if there was a “cause” we were supposed to connect this to. Basically, he’s taking very poor advantage of his 15 minutes.

Hey IXAszurom,

Excellent use of the word “hobby”. I sure hope your wrong there.



I didn’t follow yesterday’s shooting too closely, but following the shooting in Falls Church (last week, the FBI woman) it took local law enforcement more than 30 mins to put up the roadblocks – and they only blocked major highways. As someone who has lived in the DC area for almost a decade, I can tell you that there are dozens of secondary routes that commuters take because traffic is terrible on the major highways during rush hour. This guy is probably just taking back roads because, well, they’re faster, easier, and the police aren’t bothering to block them.

Xaroc’s right – morale here in DC is low. Some friends of mine run a local Italian restaurant. They say that overall they’re down about 60% since the sniper attacks started. The only thing keeping the door open is that everyone is ordering food delivered using “Takeout Taxi.”

According to the news this morning, all this guy wants is $10M. Almost seems worth it, if it wouldn’t spawn a dozen imitators…


You pay him once and he’ll just come back next time he feels like he needs a new set of clubs. That’s why we (supposedly) don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Golf clubs cost that much now? :shock:


_Did the police really hang up on the sniper 5(five) times?
_Did they really miss the last note and the sniper had to call and tell them to go back to the scene of the latest shooting and grab it off a tree?
_Why is the F.B.I. not holding the press conferences?
_Does Chief Moose have some great dialogue going on?

Is there a CSI videogame out yet that can teach the authorities how to catch this person(s)?

I guess they are doing all they can, but some of this shit seems like the Keystone Kops!

That my friend is funny! Hehe!

Oh well as long as a sense of humour remains it can only be bad for the dime store sniper.



That my friend is funny! Hehe!

Oh well as long as a sense of humour remains it can only be bad for the dime store sniper.



Dude, “your” so busted. FAKE! Who is Greg Lannes?

You know how they put up beltway checkpoints right after a shooting? Well, what if the sniper just quietly drives away, a couple miles, without getting on the beltway, and just parks in some alley and listens to radio coverage for the next 5 hours?

Or just drives to a strip mall and shops and eats lunch for 3-4 hours rather than trying to get too far away?

The guy must be damn good at staking out a position, though. No one ever gets a good look at him.