Okay, this worked on me


Comic-Con trailer for new horror movie SLITHER…

That looks fun, Dead Alive fun.

“Somethin’s wrong with me…”

Nathan Fillion getting owned?! Hell yeh!

It’s no Snakes on a Plane.


Tom, why aren’t you in that one?

The script for Snakes on a Plane is actually surprisingly good. Total schlock, but very well-done total schlock.

Snakes… on a… plane.


Seriously, what do Homeward Bound 2, Final Destination 2, and this movie have in common?

Beats the fuck outta me, but I’m guessing the director surely has his genre down pat.

Part of the reason why this script got noticed originally is because of the title. It got people reading it. It’s actually a great title because it sets the tone for the movie (you know it’s going to be low-brow) and tells you exactly what you’re going to get.

The movie was briefly renamed Flight 121 during shooting, but Samuel L. Jackson complained and they changed it back.

I’m kinda wary of schlockish horry movies nowadays. Granted ( as said earlier in the thread) Dead Alive/Braindead set the bar pretty high, it’s just that any time I think of that style of movie nowadays I get flashbacks of the unmitigated horribleness that was Cabin Fever.

As long as it has a “Your snake ate my dawwwg!” , " Not all of it" line in it, I guess any premise could be considered golden.

I really dug Cellular, which is the previous movie from Snakes on a Plane’s director, David Ellis. And although Final Destination was just piggybacking on the original Final Destination’s schtick, he understood it well enough to make it work for some pretty good sequences (the dentist chair psyche-out, and the guy burning his dinner was almost comedic). Plus it had a great opening set up on the freeway.

So as far as I’m concerned, Ellis has a free pass with me for whatever he wants to do next. So count me in for Snakes on a Plane.


Seriously? That movie was horrible.

Samuel L. Jackson?! I guess Chris Griffin was right, “That guy’s in everything.