Okay, who'd I piss off?

I seem to be banned from #qt3. Dunno why! /cry

Did you try to log in from CGI:IRC by any chance? Enter the Game has banned all of those types of clients.

AFAIK there are zero bans currently in #qt3 and there is a no-ban policy at the moment (to the chagrin of some and the content of others).

You’re definately not banned, Charles. Send me a message if you’re on the network, I’ll try to figure out what’s up. Are you seeing a g-line / k-line message informing you that you’ve been killed, or are you seeing something like “unable to join #qt3 - user is banned”?

problem solved, move along

Problem solved? How can you do this? Where’s my Internet drama? :(

So, how many nasty PMs have you received? ;)