Oklahoma vs UAPB

I was looking at the Top 25 basketball scores this evening and ran across this little gem:


The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is a Division I-AA school. I guess that they can start using the UAPB acronym to mean…U Are Probably Blownout.

For those too lazy to click the link, the final score was 94 to 24. UAPB only had 9 points at halftime.


Hard to believe a I-A power would play a I-AA school when there are what, 3 times as many basketball schools in I-A than there are football schools? Even in football it’s pretty rare, and grounds for being blasted nationally and laughed at when you can’t make the BCS top 2 as a result.

Schedules are done years in advance, and Div II schools are done for a number of reasons. Some of them are actually good programs. And Div II schools can and do beat Div I teams - Chaminade is a good example.

— Alan

Actually UAPB is above a Division II school. It is Division I. They could play in the NCAA tournament if they win their conference tournament. They are in a conference with several other historically black institutions (Grambling, Southern University, etc).


Ah, so they’re actually one of the 300. Sounds like they just had a horrible game. I remember Ohio State, back when they were actually good, beating Chicago State by 82.