Old game...Outcast

Has anyone been able to get this to run on XP? It was a hilarious game, I just wanted to take a look at it again. If not outcast have are there any tricks to getting an old game like outcast running on XP?


Well, first of all, have you patched it?

The install program does not like it if you’re running anything but DirectX 6.1, so you have to patch the installer. Besides that, I’ve not had any trouble running it on XP, if you go into some more detail on your problem I’m sure on of the more computer-savvy people here can help you.

I have the DVD version, I should probably say, which runs fine on XP.

My wife recently played it on her XP Pro box with a GeForce4 4200, running DirectX9.

Outcast installer was like - I don’t know what to say about it.
I managed to install it once, after I got the install patch. Then I had to format my computer, and I was not able to install it again. I remember throwing it in the garbage in a fit of fraustration.

I’m pretty sure I played it after switching to windows xp.
My computer at the time I bought it couldn’t really handle the voxel engine well. (I don’t know if any system could at the time the game was released).

I really enjoyed it, although it was hard to get into at first.

The game used a lot of visual effects through its voxel engine that are only now showing up in directX games using pixel shaders.

Thats the reason I want to get it running now, Ill try messing with the install patches, perhaps installing in safe mode will help.

thx for the ideas.

Walking around E3 this year (2017 AD), THIS was not something I was expecting to see!

Yeah I wouldn’t mind giving that a go again. Probably buy it on console, since I’ve got the original on gog. I don’t think I ever beat it back in the day. Come to think of it, the concept of “beating” games is relatively new to me.

I replayed a good chunk of the original a year or so ago, and it does hold up in a lot of ways. I have to say, though, the new one doesn’t appear to have changed much at all, and “holds up” is not exactly the same as “ideal.”

I get this game mixed up with Flashback: Quest for Identity. Similar sounding names, I guess.