Old games live again

It appears that Brian Fargo of interplay fame has been busy. He has formed a new company called InXile Entertainment (in exile…get it?) Anyways, this company has recently bought the rights to:

Bards Tale

And Wasteland

I read that InXile’s first game, a rpg code named Alpha Omega was due out mid 2004. interesting.

Wasteland is one of my all-time favorite RPGs. But wasn’t it already updated under the title of Fallout? :)

Sweet. Bard’s Tale is one of the few fond Apple memories I have (along with Starflight and Bilestoad). I thought someone was doing a Bard’s Tale shareware update already. It was great at the time, but it seems like it’s formula has been improved upon since then as well. I imagine if he picked up the licenses for a reasonable price the name recognition couldn’t hurt, but that was a long-ass time ago.

It’s an even worse pun than you thought. Ex-ISLE, geddit? geddit? huh? geddit? do you? huh huh?

Bard’s Tale is a great pick up. Lots of folks in their 30’s still playing games are going to remember it. Something that hasn’t been around for that long can often create a big buzz when a sequel is due.

I’d play a Brian Fargo Bard’s Tale game even if it sucked. If only to relive the glories of fighting 99 Barbarians, 99 Barbarians, 99 Barbarians, and 99 Barbarians.


Incidentally, the Bard’s Tale ripoff game is called “Devil Whiskey” now. It used to be called Bard’s Legacy but this got lawyered away.


Yeah, that one.

Well, sorta. Fallout was a sequel to Wasteland the way NWN is a sequel to Ultima III. It’s more of an expansion of the genre rather than a true sequel. I know there was lots of touting that Fallout was the long-awaited, unofficial sequel to Wasteland – but that’s mostly because there was a huge hole in the post-apocolypse genre at the time and Wasteland was still remembered and loved by us gamers at the time. I wonder how many gamers under the age of 25 even know what the hell Wasteland is.

I missed the party aspect that Wasteland had; it was sort of a post-apocolypse Baldur’s Gate. Of course, the text-based gibs were cool too.

According to the Devil Whiskey (what a name!) website they’re nearly finished with it.

I had heard about Bard’s Tale, but I’m also glad to see the Wasteland rights going to someone who will put it to good use. Both games rank up there in my all time greats list (my first computer game ever was Bard’s Tale III for the C-64). Used to play that to death.

They are probably going to have to change their name some time though. Sounds a little close to Exile, which has existed for a while now.

My first RPG was Temple of Apshai on the Apple and Atari. Giant killer ants with swords, if memory serves. It was still a lot of fun for a few days there.

Apshai, along with Ultima II, were my firsts. I loaded Apshai from a cassette tape on my C64.

Apshai, along with Ultima II, were my firsts. I loaded Apshai from a cassette tape on my C64.[/quote]

Hey, me too!

Ultima II? Ya newbies.


Never liked Temple of Apshai much, but there was a cartridge game called Gateway to Apshai on the C64 that earned much love. A primordial Diablo type thing.

And Tyjenks gets props for the Bilestoad reference. I think the 2 of us comprise about 20% of the known Bilestoad fans.

Bilestoad was great. Ah, the fond memories of bodily dismemberment…

Yeah, and the way the speaker made this “blatt” noise as the big blood blots popped out, and then “wronka wronk” and there would be the arm on the ground. And that 8-frames-per-second animation! And the alternating eyestrain stripes on the background!

Ah, the joys of retro. I actually played Bilestoad again on a ][+ emulator last year – still fun!

Looks like nearly all of the existing Bilestoad fans have found their way to Qt3. I loved that crazy game too!

Hmmm, I’m looking forward to Wasteland 2! That would be a long time between sequels, eh?