Old golfin' GILF hates Asians

Now, some of the things she said could be construed as “racist” and on par with Limbaugh’s comments about McNabb. Will NBC be running this story on the nightly news with Tom Brokaw? Will Yahoo broadcast this on their front page?

Unless the old golfin’ hussy is a conservative talk show host, I feel certain this will be pretty much ignored by the media. Is that because bleeding heart liberals don’t fight for discriminated asians? against women? against GILFs? against anyone that aren’t conservatives?

You’re right, people don’t get as offended when some old golfer no one has ever heard of says offensive things. It’s shockingly unfair.

Oh so liberals only go after “famous” people? If you’re downtrodden and shat upon, tough crap unless you’re someone people know. I thought you were equal opportunity, affirmative action, and all that. You’ve just shattered my image of you.

I saw a link to the story on MSN’s front page.

Wow, this is the worst ad hominem I’ve ever seen.

First, you’re wrong about the coverage, as Tom said.

Second, not all racially insensitive comments are created equal. Part of the buzz behind this is the fact that Rush just thundered through the news cycle. Unless I’m missing something, her offenses were:

  • calling out “asians” because they don’t speak English or hobnob well with fatcats who pay to play with pro ladies (uh, “pro golfer”)

  • calling for a quota system that would seem to favor Americans… so there would be more English speakers, I guess

Like Limbaugh, she makes the mistake of generalizing to an ethnic group instead of focusing on naming names. You want to say McNabb is overrated or Pak should represent golf better by working on her marketability? Fine. Why start talking about all black quarterbacks or all asians? I know asians that speak English as well as I do, despite the fact that it’s a 2nd language.

She also yammers on about sex appeal being important for ratings. True enough, but one could infer from the juxtaposition that she’s saying asian women are ugly.

In the end, Jan Stephenson’s ideal golfer is a lot like Jan Stephenson. What a coincidence. Her big edge over Rush on ESPN is that she’s self-employed.

Hey, the guys on ATH and PTI went after her pretty strongly.

But the left can’t criticise a woman because they’re a minority…oh, wait, they’re not!

But they are oppressed by the male world dominators, so that makes them immune to racism, sexism, classism, etc.

Another double standard by the leftist media whores, big suprise.

See my statement right above, oh pedantic one.

OOOh, big whoop. How about a NYT article on it, or a Tom Brokaw soundbyte? No, I don’t think so. Not important enough to point out racism just anywhere. It’s more important to paint that damn conservative a racist instead of reporting the truth.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder. I call it the Theory of Weltanschauung Relativity.

(I expect some Koontzian credit for that, hm-kay?) :)

Maybe the NYT should put out a special supplement every time some one 99% of the population hasn’t heard of says something offensive?


lol Xpav…

Come on dude, she’s a GILF!

or maybe a ZILF.

I’ve never had the desire to take up golf until now…

Much finer babes in Tennis, man! (Not counting the Williams brothers…)

51? She looks 71 to me.

I don’t think the Rush drug thing made the NYTimes either (or at least not the front webpage). I don’t think either Jan Stephenson or Rush are nationally important news, except if they mark a wider trend. Rush did make the front webpage of MSNBC and if I remember correctly CNN, but I think they’re both more into “soft” news than the NYTimes. As previously pointed out Jan also made the MSNBC front page.

No, it’s more important to paint someone people have heard of or care about as a racist. And you have an ex-athlete making comments as opposed to a political commentator. All of those things make it a bigger story, there’s no real comparison.

(Of course we don’t know the politics of this golfer, right? Maybe she’s a right-winger, which then makes this whole discussion sort of fall apart.)