Old iPod touch Contacts/Facetime not transferring to new iPad, why?

Hi all, my mom has an ancient (6th gen) iPod touch that’s on its last legs. The battery life is nonexistent, and the only way it works is if it’s plugged into power. I finally convinced her that she needed to get something newer so we went with the 10th gen iPad (Fall 2022).

For some inexplicable, confounding reason, everything (all Apps, Messages, etc.) has transferred to the iPad via iCloud with two exceptions: Contacts and FaceTime call history. Why on earth? The Apple IDs on both devices are the same, Facetime is using the same Apple ID, so what gives? What arcane settings am I missing?

That’s a puzzling problem.

Are the contacts on her old iPod stored in iCloud? The only reason I can think of that they wouldn’t transfer is if one of the devices wasn’t set up to use iCloud for Contacts or FaceTime.

Have her log into icloud.com via a web browser. If the contacts show up there, they should be on her iPad.

Thanks, @Charlatan and @Gordon_Bleu , I’ll see what that yields.

I notice on the old iPod that under Settings:Contacts it gives the choice of iCloud and Gmail as the default (something).

What would explain the FaceTime thing though?

FaceTime call history is tied up contacts.

Ah, interesting.

Well, if the contacts are not on iCloud then how to get them there? If the source of all of them that I’m seeing on the iPod under contacts is in fact her Google account, then there should be a way of importing them into iCloud, right? Or, on the iPad itself, create a list that reaches over to Google’s list and brings those over.

Does the browser you use to log in have to be on a PC of some kind, or could she/I do it on her iPad via Safari? The only viable PC in the house is mine.

I guess I don’t understand why her Contacts (which are a ton of them) sitting right there in the Contacts app of the old iPod wouldn’t have gotten uploaded to iCloud. It’s bizarre.