Old is new again (music that is)

Right! TODAY sits in PPFN, while ON FIRE is in JOC.

Oh, and check your PM’s…

I tried Forever Changes by Love. Supposed to be a classic, and I like a lot of 60s bands, but I couldn’t get into it.

I recently discovered TV on the Radio, but they’re not exactly “old”.

One of the radio stations around here often plays “Live and Let Live,” from that album. Strange song, that, but catchy.

I guess I’m the third person in this thread to have recently bought Jesus of Cool. I’m currently exploring the disks creamy center (using I Love My Label as a base of operations.)

For me, this would have to be the Nerves. Even though I’d listened to and enjoyed Peter Case’s solo and Plimsouls stuff, I was completely oblivious to the existence of his original band. I only discovered them when that Cingular ad with Cat Power performing “Hanging on the Telephone” came out. My wife really liked it, and asked where it was from. I explained that it was a Blondie cover, but couldn’t remember which album it was on. I googled it, and discovered The Nerves. (Hanging on the Telephone is actually a Nerves song, covered by Blondie.)

When I tracked down the original, I was absolutely floored by how contemporary it sounded. It, along with everything else they put out, is absolutely brilliant power pop, and it just kills me that they never even managed to put out a full album. They’ve since become one of my absolute favorite things to stick on mix disks. Here’s a link to their Myspace page, where you will find very nearly the full extent of their officially released oeuvre.