Old - M. Night Shyamalan goes to the beach

Looks like a straight to streaming affair…

LOL no.

So is the wind off the ocean affecting them? I’m joking. Looks, um, great!

Too much sun exposure is terrible for your skin.

That’s probably the genesis of the idea behind the movie, people saying, “Too much sun will give you wrinkles and make you old!”

Pretty sure this is infinitely more entertaining than the actual movie. Spoilers!

That was the most brutal pitch meeting I’ve ever seen.

I’ve definitely not seen anything like the part that starts around 3:19ish in any of the dozens of these I’ve watched.

Yeah, that was super ouch.

I don’t understand how Shyamalan still gets money to make movies like this.

That was a top notch pitch meeting, for sure.

Closest he’s come to the level of wtf here was in the Twilight episodes, which are also A+ excellent.

Oh god don’t remind me of the whole ‘adult male werewolf imprinting on the LITERAL INFANT CHILD OF HIS CRUSH’ thing.

Years ago, well before Pitch Meeting, well before the godawful movies but at the height of the books’ popularity, I had an ostensibly grown-ass woman get legitimately angry at me for pointing out (well, dunking on) some of the more…insane elements of Twilight. Couldn’t keep her voice level, that kind of mad.

It was hilarious. Total caricature of a hardcore nerd getting hot about oh I dunno, calling 40K Tyranids derivative of StarCraft or something. Except it wasn’t even deliberate lies on my part, just stating simple facts about the logical atrocity that is Bella’s pregnancy.

People are weird. But I remain amused, so that’s the important thing.

Ryan wisely chooses to have The Producer break only with the worst trash.

The Coraline pitch meeting is one of my favorite examples of this.

Oh the Coraline one is fabulous.

The Coraline Pitch Meeting is great, but so is Coraline. It just isn’t really a kid’s movie. But maybe that misunderstanding is the hook that makes the pitch meeting funny.

Wow, I want to hug Ryan so much for saving me from ever watching that turd.

Yeah, Coraline is fantastic. But it does provide quite fertile ground for a comedy bit.

“With needles so sharp you can barely feel them.”

This is the first Pitch Meeting I’ve watched all the way through. They usually start strong but kinda lose steam after the first two or three minutes, but this one just kept giving the whole way.