Old - M. Night Shyamalan goes to the beach

Just like the movies they are pitching, eh!

I’m not going to see this, but I was curious about it enough to read the Wikipedia summary, and apparently, one of the main characters is a vacationing rapper named “Mid-Sized Sedan.” Which is “Tell me you don’t listen to rap music without saying you don’t listen to rap music” level bad.

I guarantee you someone thought they were hilaaaaaaaarious when they put that in the script.

“Haha, rap names are so dumb guys, am I right? Let’s just fuckin’ call him like Mid-Sized Sedan, hahaha!”

Why anyone gives Shyamalan money to make movies is utterly beyond me.

Fun Pitch Meeting though.

His budgets are small, and his movies always turn a profit. His best work is long, long, long behind him, but there’s no doubt he’s an easy financial bet.

I haven’t watched his other recent output, but I really enjoyed Split and Glass. It felt like classic Shyamalan from the days of Unbreakable, 6th Sense and Signs. I like his emphasis on intense characters and small objects in a room.

So I guess I am the first person in the thread to see this movie after it was free to stream on Prime over here.

I thought it was pretty fun, the first half (after they get to the actual beach) is so stupid it’s fun. Then in the second half it drags and takes itself too seriously, meaning the bad direction/story/acting just becomes all the more egregious.

Surprised the rotten tomatoes score is as high as 50%, but to be clear I don’t regret watching it.

Ha ha, you guys watched Old.

I mean, sure, it introduced to the world to Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie in a too-small bathing suit. But at what price?


Sounds to me like you are the one who watched Old!

Well, as I’ve explained before, “ha ha, you saw/read/played X” is almost always an expression of solidarity. :)


I wished I had seen Old so that I could laugh and cry with you guys too :’(

Yup. This was terrible. Sigh.

The pitch meeting is glorious though.

Ha ha, you saw Old.

But how about Abbey Lee as that osteoporosisaurus?