Old man creepy or go for it!

Ok, so I have a moral dilemna for the group. A girl from the INTARWEB has suggested we meet. I’m a little wary of the truthfulness of people on the net. This is not from a dating site, but rather just a random website. We’ve talked oh, a dozen times now.

Now, he’re the issue. I am 31. She claims to be 20. She’s in college.

I’m thinking this is a pretty big age difference. Now, this is just for fun, nothing will come out of it, but I’m afraid if I start “dating” women this young it will be a slippery slope. Am I going to have to start asking for ID? How can I possibly take out a girl that can’t even drink at a bar? Also, her pictures kind of scream to me “my god she is young”.

The whole thing gives me a fairly “you’re a creepy old man” vibe, but you know, she is good looking and seems pretty cool. I guess you never know.

I would ask that people NOT quote the next post because I plan on deleting her picture after the poll has gone on a bit. I don’t want it enshrined on the internet forever. Little chance anyone knows her, but . . . you know.

So, what say you , hivemind? To meet, or not to meet?

Her pic:

Please do not “quote” this pic.

Fuck it, I’m saving it and uploading to my own webserver.

Why shouldn’t we quote this pic?

I know, everyone is going to see it when the Amber Alert goes out anyways.

The UDOMQ is floor(you/2)+7 <= her… so she needs to be 22 before you can show your face around these parts.


It’s a, you know, public pic. That is, it’s in a public place where anyone could save it if they wanted. I just don’t want it quoted here because I’d like to delete it in a few days. I don’t want her pic enshrined on QT3 forever, especially if I DON’T go out with her.

Yeah, you should definitely adopt her.

A cute 20 year old college girl is having trouble finding guys her own age to date? I’d say she’s either lying about her age or crazy.

Edit: Or she’s looking for a sugar daddy.

if you were both five years older, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. She is wee, though. She was a teenager last year. That is creepy.

What would you two possibly have to talk about?

(Yes I know, cue lots of “we won’t be doing much talking hur hur” responses).

The “half your age plus seven years” is usually a decent guide and this kid doesn’t qualify.

She’s yummy.

/me wishes he were ElGuapo.

Yeah, I’m going with creepy on this one. When I started dating my wife, she was 22 and I was 27, and I thought that was a little weird.

Yeah, the half your age plus seven is a good rule of thumb, where the heck did I first hear that anyways. Seems kind of “the standard”

Dude, you’re going to get mugged.

Anyone 17 or over can make up his or her own mind, though. Why do you care what other people think?

Or maybe she just likes older men? She looks younger than 20 to me, but I’m an old fart these days, so I probably just can’t tell anymore.

What would you two possibly have to talk about?

This is the main problem in my eyes. You will have nothing to say to each other. You’re in completely different places in life - at least, you should be.

Oh, it’s a public photo? Okay then.

LOL QT3 wins again.