Old PS3 data to new PS3

So… my 2 year old daughter decided to spoon in coins, milk and whatever else she could into my PS3’s Blu ray drive. After a quick “daddy can fix it, oh no daddy has broken it and made it worse” evening of DIY repair I went out and bought a new PS3 Slim.

So here is my problem, I have an old PS3 hard drive full of data, images, savegames, full game downloads that I want to get across to my new PS3.

I have tried physically swapping out the HD, unfortunately I get the message “No 2.5 OS found” or some such when trying to boot. So that doesnt look like its going to work.

Any ideas? My old PS3 can be booted just no blu ray, both are wifi connected.

edit: actually, i think you need to save to an external harddrive or usb thumbstick.

psn stuff has to be re-downloaded.

Good idea. Thanks, gonna try that.

edit, ack :(

Yeah, use the backup utility and then restore on the new unit. Certain games don’t allow saves to be transferred at all, however.