Old School Game - Alternate Reality

I think I have the title right (saw it mentioned in the top 25 list thread). A friend of mine had a disk that was marked Alternate Reality: City, but it was a cough borrowed copy so I never saw documentation or any other discs. What was this game about? What was the story? Was it any good?

Another one I saw like this was Impossible Mission. Had a lot of fun playing it but never knew what I was supposed to do.

Both were for the C64. Ah, the memories, holed up with some friends playing Bard’s Tale III and Ultima 5 for hours on end.

Alternate Reality: The City was the first in a planned series that DataSoft published back inthe 80s. Your character was abducted by aliens and deposited in this fantasy world, starting in the city of Xebec’s Demise.

The City game was pretty boring. You ran around in featureless corridors fighting monsters and getting loot. You could join various guilds, but that was about it. The game was designed to level up your character for the next game, Alternate Reality: The Dungeon.

The Dungeon was a much better game. There were various quests and puzzles and a huge array of interesting weapons and artifacts. The game was also BIG. It’s too bad the series fizzled out after this one, because it had a lot of potential. There were at least four more expansions planned.

Would that be this game here?

The one thing I had always heard about these games was that they were big. Sounds like an interesting premise, too bad more weren’t made.

How did it compare to other games of this type (bard’s tale for example)? Were the controls similar?

Robot Odyssey baby.

The graphics weren’t nearly as good as The Bard’s Tale, but they were serviceable. Movement was different, as well. Instead of moving one block at a time on a grid a la The Bard’s Tale, you moved in little steps. The higher your speed stat, the faster you moved onscreen. It also had a morality scale-your good and evil ratio changed depending on your actions.

I’m an unabashed fanboy of this game.

Sounds like they packed quite a lot of gameplay onto those 5.25" disks. I’ve always felt that it’s odd that so much gameplay could fin on such small packages when today’s games seem to pale by comparison since they’re all graphics and sound. Ultima 5’s size? Ultima 7’s world interaction? Airborn Ranger’s gameplay? Syndicate? Privateer? These games seemed to offer so much more than what might be considered their modern counterparts. It seems like we’re stuck in a really long spell similar to what happened when CD-ROMS first hit the market. We need to get it (the whiz bang hang up on graphics) out of our system so we can get back to focusing on gameplay. A rare game really gets the gameplay right along with the bells and whistles.

Alternate Reality: The Dungeon caused the death of 2 of my Atari’s floppy drives. Between myself, my father and my sister, the computer was never off and the game was always being played. It was probably the best game I played in that era.

I loved ARtD myself. It had a neat character system, a big “world”, some interesting back-story, and humor. Anyone remember the Clothes Horse quest? :)

I remember finally killing the dragon and getting enough gems to have the dwarven smith forge me a super magic sword. By that point, I didn’t really need an uber-sword since nothing in the dungeon could touch me.

I played it on a C64 and it was the first time I ever encountered a game-crashing bug. The game would crash randomly, for no apparent reason. I had to send the disks to DataSoft twice before they fixed the problem.

I encountered weird bugs in ARtD as well. The files for item names appeared to get corrupted, and I’d end up with things like a “Potion of A-Ha Leather” and shit like that. Fun game, though.

Same here. Plus, the game invented super evil opponents that would suck away some of my inventory. Talk about A.I. ;)

Ah, yes, Alternate Reality…the game that was nearly impossible to get started in because it was too fucking hard. Nothing quite like having your mighty adventurer getting beaten up by Beggar…oh wait, then you have to find somewhere to sleep, otherwise the undead will get you at night! A very masochistic game to play, IMHO. (I only found out later about the “trick” and “charm” loopholes…)

BTW, a special note for people complaining about KOTOR’s save system: Alternate Reality erased your character disk when you loaded your game! (This was to prevent the age-old “restart the computer if you’re about to die” hole.) Power outage? Sorry, you just lost your character.

All this meant was that you frequently exited the game to make backup copies of your character once you saved. Ah, the aggravation… :shock:

Oh, and thanks for sending us to a site that keeps trying to install spyware. In fact, I had to use the task Manager to get it to close down.

I’m with Kool Moe Dee. This game kicked my ass harder than Deathlord, and that took some doing. I think I liked the premise and the ideas for the expanding game from the manual more than the game I got. I keep trying to run a D&D campaign based on the ‘mysterious abduction to a medieval city’, but I can never talk my players into it.

I think I read somewhere that the jerky movement was supposed to be an attempt at smooth-scrolling through a 3D-ish city. Take that, Wolfenstein 3D!

At one point there was a web site threatening to be an MMORPG version of Alternate Reality, but now the site is dead. But google tells me that at one point Monolith had signed up to make it. Jinkies!