Old-school pixel art is a glorious thing


+palette cycling

Mark Ferrari, who normally uses colored pencil. He did a fair amount of work for the Lucas game division back when they did good stuff (see the cover to Loom for an example of his color pencil work). He showed the picture you linked and some other color cycling works at some World Con in California as I recall it (San Francisco? Anaheim? I forget).


And going down the drop down list, he added extensively to those I saw all those years ago (maybe a half dozen at the time).

Excellent…looking forward to seeing games using this kind of tech.

Forward? Backward! This was when really large animation took up so much floppy disk (remember floppy disks?) space that color cycling was the only way to accomplish large scale animation. I blew up a pawn in Battle Chess with a great roiling mushroom cloud and everyone (at Interplay) applauded and said pity that only we would see it because there wasn’t room on the disk for it. Now we have cinematic scenes not far off of movies with everything animated and active camera moving.

This is gorgeous stuff, thanks for sharing!

Note: this is the thread for awesome pixel art, find some and proceed :)

The old DPIV-style landscape stuff is soooo much more evocative to me than even the best high-polygon, ultra-shader stuff (Amalur, for example, which has awesome scenery, can’t touch a gorgeous 8-bit landscape painted by someone possessed by Bob Ross and the skills of an old demo artist)

I found some on this blog. :P

Oh WOW, there’s a whole GALLERY dedicated to this kinda thing near where I live called iam8bit! Gotta check it out!

Low-hanging fruit:


Damn I wish I could make those my desktop background with both animation and sound. What a pisser GOG doesn’t have any of the old school Lucasarts adventure available for sale.