Old school science fiction -- Children of Time


Totally agree. It is indeed a gem of a book. Both my wife and I greatly enjoyed reading it.


Great book, glad this thread got bumped recently.

How good is his 10-book fantasy series? Debating between it and Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives (because I loved the original Mistborn trilogy).


Only one of the two is finished. just saying


I really enjoyed Shadows of the Apt. I’m enjoying the Stormlight Archives, too, though the two are very different. I suggest giving the first Apt book a try. You’ll know pretty quickly whether the series is working for you. Definitely a quick read compared to the more massive Stormlight books.


A sequel to Children of Time is coming in May. I’m looking forward to it.


I would add that I love the Stormlight Archives. But always read the series that’s actually finished ahead of one that isn’t, when it comes to epic fantasy. Consider whether you have time to refresh your memory whenever new entries come out.


O M G! That is great news Sharpe!!! More spiders everywhere!

(I am reading “The Sparrow” atm by Mary Russell – I cannot recommend it but … it is oddly fascinating so I will soldieress on).

Ok on “the Sparrow” – ultimately no. I do not recommend it. It is violation for violations sake. The aliens were sorta well done but in the end it’s just nasty. I condemn this type of fiction. I will put a review on audible in a few days saying as much.

I get the catholic ideology vs. “omg whoa is me” type of suffering … but it’s almost like reading a torture missive. And my concern is the author gets that and thinks the quandry is normal or even expected.


Picked this up for a business trip and couldn’t put it down. Wow yeah I like the different vibe of this thing. Reminds me of an Arthur C Clark juve style novel in its light style. It drags on in some places but they are very easily skippable with no loss.


Rod the sequel is out in a month or so. Yes it was super good.


Kindle version of Children of Time is currently $1.99 on Amazon right now (88% off).


I added it to my wishlist some months ago because of all the positive feedback this book gets everywhere, so I grabbed this as soon as I saw the sale.


Polite disclaimer: this book, while completely and totally excellent, will induce creepy-crawly feelings. Be prepared. This book contains spiders. No, really. Lots and lots of spiders. Cool spiders, but still, spiders. Lots of them. Be very prepared.

Also, the book is really good.


Well, I don’t like spiders but I got through A Deepness in the Sky, so I guess I’m good?


If you can handle Deepness in the Sky, you should be able to handle this.


Children of Time actually does spiders better than Vinge did, at least in scientific terms. Vinge’s spiders reminded me of a bunch of 50s suburbanites (which may have been the intention).


To be fair Vinges “spiders” were not actually spiders but an entirely different species with a similar look. Tchaikovsky’s spiders are exactly that, spiders.


(deepness was great) … btw the sequel to Children of Time is incoming. lemme look. … audible has a date –


The sequel, Children of Ruin comes out May 14th


/remind me may 14 2019

Oh, whoops. guess Wumpus left that functionality out :)


Woot! Thanks Yeah looking forward to it!


I damn well LOLed. :) We’re not in Reddit anymore Toto.