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Question: How does redraw techs cards work? (If you have the oracle or certain leader types you can redraw cards). I’ve never actually used it before.
In particular if you have a bonus card and you redraw cards is the bonus card gone for good or is it reshuffled?
It just occurred to me that if you have two bonus card, redrawing may be a good away of avoiding losing one.
Follow on question Is there any penalty for redrawing tech cards?

“Redrawing” is the same as putting all your cards in the discard pile and follows the same rules as that.

Have you considered making the animation you developed for the tech deck tutorial part of the game when a tech has been researched? I would love to see the movement of the cards:

  1. Tech card that was just researched is enlarged and zoomed (with some flair!) to the center of the screen (with those tech cards not chosen to be researched still visible at the top?)
  2. Just-created bonus cards are then tossed into the discard pile
  3. Those techs not chosen to research are then tossed into the discard pile
  4. Three tech cards are then drawn from the draw pile
  5. If drawing from the draw pile triggers the shuffling of the discard pile, show it

I don’t remember exactly what the tutorial animation shows, but I do remember it being similar to what I just wrote. The point is, I find myself trying to figure out which cards went where after a tech is researched, because the movement of the cards weren’t shown to me. Then again, perhaps I’m alone in feeling this!

BTW, is the discard pile shuffled as soon as the draw pile is empty, or only when a card draw is requested while the draw pile is empty?

If you hover over the button to open the tech screen it will give you a tooltip with where all the cards currently are. At least some of the time, it doesn’t always seem to work for me.

I’m pretty sure that the discard pile only shuffles when a card draw is requested while the draw pile is empty.

I love the animation idea though, particularly if it’s optional.

It is only shuffled when it needs to draw a card and the draw pile is empty.

Melee siege weapons - what are everyone’s thoughts?

After playing a long game with Assyria on a medium sized coastal rain basin map, I’ve decided I really dislike their unique units and all other melee siege units, primarily due to how absolutely slowly they trundle across the map.

Once in place they can be devastating, but due to their lack of movement and the inability to build or use roads in enemy or newly captured (anarchic) territory, they usually arrive on the scene well after the city has been captured.

What am I missing?

I used the onager a fair bit in my last campaign I just finished and like the damage they do but as you say they are rather slow to get on scene, but the range they fire from is quite handy and since I staged my army next to the civ I was about to attack the travel speed being slower wasn’t really an issue.

So I guess my take is I wouldn’t try and bring them into play as the battle proceeds but instead get them positioned prior to starting the engagement.

Onagers are great, but @davehemke is talking about Assyria’s unique units. The battering ram and siege twoer are melee units, so you have to roll them up to go toe-to-toe with their targets.

Cities with defenses powerful enough to warrant battering rams and siege towers? :)

But, yes, in my main Assyria playthrough, the battering ram gets to stay home as a garrison. Obviously not its intended use.


The assyrian tower tanks really well. I didn’t check the stats but it seemed to shrug off hits. It’s probably a tier up from normal. Like getting a war elephant at the start when everyone is on slingers/archers

I believe this was raised upthread, but I don’t think it was answered. Here’s the contextual tooltip for adding a general to a unit:

OW different family

Why is the tooltip saying it must be of a “different family than [the unit’s family]”? Because if you hover elsewhere for a tooltip, it explains that the opposite is true. A unit will only accept a general from its family or Tribe, with the exception of your nation’s leader, who can become General of whatever he or she wants. Is it just a typo or is it trying to explain something I’m not understanding?


The tooltip is a bug.

should be “Must not be”

The 25% defense is nice, but I’m not sure I’d characterize it as a tank. The more trenchant stat is the +50% attack into city centers and non-nation settlements, and +25% attack into urban tiles. Other siege engines don’t have that. Also, you don’t have to unlimber them the way you do ranged siege units. They’re definitely city-busters, and if you’re playing Assyria as the bullies they’re supposed to be, your other dudes are running around raiding while the battering rams and siege towers grab the city centers.

At least that seems to be the intent. For my Assyria game, I was still learning and I definitely wasn’t being aggressive as I could have been. So my battering ram was just a fixture of homeland defense. Also a fun jungle gym for Assyrian kids.


Ah, right! Sorry if that was answered previously.

I guess for tooltips and writers, a typo is a bug. :)


Imo if you have access to the city center you’ve already won. The journey to the city is where the bulk of the fighting happens. Maybe you’ll move some cav and archers to take out a spearman. Then you’ll see 5 units counterattack and kill your units. Use a scout.

I don’t understand why sometimes I can fortify and other times not.

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I did not know that and have been parked on a 3 cities for many years. I haven’t been able to just sit down and play for an extended period of time, so that isn’t helping me keep the details straight.

You can’t fortify in city centers. You also can’t fortify if you’re already dug in. For example, if you are fortified and get a promotion, your unit will be selected but since you’re already fortified it won’t show up as an option. I think it denotes it with little blue dashes above your unit.

I’ve been playing OW on and off since the start of EA and I’m still learning (love it!). Today I just learned something new about workers. I knew they took longer to build something if damaged (so heal them quick) and I now find that they take an extra turn if they’re building in a city belonging to a different family. Won’t stop me moving them if something needs building urgently, but good to know.

thanks! i hadnt known that workers are homebodies.