Old World: How does X work? Post your gameplay questions here!

I can confirm that, as a Brit, Old World’s succession is working as I would expect.

What determines when you get a regency event? I think I’ve had one two times out of three for child rulers so far.

Really enjoying the game thus far. The manual is excellent – reading that really made concepts click for me and drew me into the game.

A few noob questions:

The Epics law says it gives +10 culture per unit killed. Which city gets the bonus culture?

Do Pagan religions get Theologies, if I make them State Religion? (I assume no? Theologies are only for World Religions)?

Do Agents steal or duplicate resources? (e.g. if I have an Agent in an enemy city and I’m getting 20% of that city’s gold, does the city’s owner lose that gold, or is it just extra gold created for the Agent?) I assume I can never lose resources via an Agent, even if it were to have a negative stat.

Can the AI use agents against me? Can I tell and kick them out somehow?

Is there way to consistently lock overlays (shift-click works for a time, but seems to reset itself, not entirely sure why). I find having Tile production on super helpful to identify luxury resources on the map. In a related vein, can you show multiple overlays at once?

Would love for some sort of planning overlay so I could better plan out where I want to make city improvements. Along the same sort of lines, I’d love if I could click on a tile somehow and see what improvements are eligible to build there (as opposed to having to hover over the improvement with a worker available and see where that improvement can be built).

For adjacency bonuses do upgraded buildings count as the original building? (e.g. does a Stronghold count as a Garrison for the purposes of boosting Barracks production?) I assume yes since Judges can upgrade buildings in place, but the tooltip for Barracks only says Garrison so want to ask to double-check.

In general, the tooltips and in-gamepedia are excellent – tooltips in particular are vital. Would love if there was a wiki with the contents of the in-game pedia, and perhaps going into more details from the event files. (Perhaps I’m spoiled by Paradox’s game wikis).

Is the manual done yet? If so, how do we even access it?

You get a brief pop-up of 10 influence flying out of the combat, and I’m pretty sure it just goes to the closest city. Harvesting goes to the closest city, so I’m assuming it’s the same.

Pagan religions do not get theologies. And as near as I can tell, the AI will never slot theologies in World Religions. I would love to be wrong about this, but I’ve never seen it, and I’ve played games specifically to give the AI time to develop religions. I’ve never seen it happen.

There nothing in the game to suggest this is how it works, so I’m assuming no, they just generate them on their own.

I don’t think there’s any provision for kicking out an AI agent, much less seeing if one is present. But I doubt the AI uses agents. I’m happy to be wrong about that as well.

Really annoying, isn’t it? I play without fog of war, so when I hold down some of the overlay buttons, it can take as long as five seconds before any information appears onscreen. Ugh. And I like to keep the rivers/roads display locked – rivers don’t “pop” as much as I’d like and roads get utterly lost in built-up areas – but there’s no way to do this reliably.



I’d love to know the answer to this as well!


By popular request… ;)

If the leader isn’t an adult, there are regency events for: grandparents, parents, and aunts/uncles. If there’s no such living royal, then there’s no event to trigger.

Thank you for the responses (and for this excellent and educational thread – have learned a ton from reading it)!

The manual I’m referring to is the excellent PDF by @Velociryx Old World Manual - Link Now Added! :)direct link – it’s a great read and really opened my eyes to the strategic depth of this game.

I originally came across it via a link on the rather empty unofficial(?) wiki Beginner's guide - Old World Wiki

As near as I can tell, it’s not available with the game itself. And I think it’s still just a draft. But I could be wrong, as I still don’t know of a reliable way to get updates on the game. The last patch introduced some significant changes, but I don’t think they ever posted any notes or updates about it.

But the events aren’t automatic? I ask because in the situation I described upthread, a six-year-old inherited the throne despite having a living uncle descended directly from the king. Did I just miss the die-roll to trigger a regency event?

As I mentioned, playing 12 years without an archetype was a fun challenge, but if it was avoidable, I’d definitely like to know how to avoid it. :)


I’ve found the Mohawk Games blog (squirreled away in my RSS reader) to be a great way to follow the patch notes, e.g. Old World Update #65 - Mohawk Games – these usually link to detailed update notes such as Old World Release Update 08.09.2021 · GitHub

Right, but that’s not the latest update. There’s been at least one update since then. I signed up for email notifications as well, but the last time I got one was for update #63 back in July. :(


EDIT: Wait, I’m a dummy! I got them but didn’t see the folder they went to. I still don’t see any information about the latest update, though.

  • Agents duplicate resources. (If they stole them, it would be an automatic tell that they were there as we would have to show it in the popup help.)

  • Epic Culture goes to the nearest city.

  • I will check on why overlays don’t get locked. Sounds like a bug.

  • AI does use Agents and Theologies (although for the latter, the thresholds were off, but they will be fixed/improved in Wednesday’s update)

  • Is this what you are looking for for a tile? Just hold down the ALT key:

With a few exceptions (like the Study events and much of diplomacy), events are meant to be not entirely deterministic, but we are open to things that feel more like game mechanics than events, and Regency might under that category. I only see two scenarios where the Aunt/Uncle events might not trigger, which would be that you had the same event within the same 30 turns (we can fix that), or the uncle was already scheming against the 6yo (unlikely). It’s possible that a different DEATH event triggered, but the regency events have the highest priority, so that shouldn’t have happened (unless it was changed recently). If anyone has a save where they expect a Regency and don’t get one, that would be useful.

Our latest update was on August 11 (half the team was probably on vacation last week), and I got the update to both my subscriptions. Anyone not get it who is signed up?

I got the latest updates by email and RSS.

Yes, thank you! Did not realize that holding ALT to “Expand Tooltip” did that. Thank you for the other responses as well!

I’ll rework how the Regency events trigger so they are more reliable.

Found it! The game won’t let characters Plot Against other characters who are younger than 12… but that is easy to fix.

Gah, my bad! Ignore my previous comment. I have indeed gotten updates since July! I was looking for them in the wrong folder. I still don’t see any information about the last update (I am 99% sure there’s been another update since #65), but I am getting the emails.


You monster!


Made a quick reference spreadsheet for seeing the possibility space for Heir Education / Archetype Selection / Job Choices:

Notes (which I think are correct, but please let me know if I’ve gotten anything wrong):

  • Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Commerce will always have an option to choose an Archetype that can serve as a Governor

  • Philosophy will always have an option to choose an Archetype that can serve as an Chancellor

  • Tactics will always have an option to choose an Archetype that can serve as a General

  • Tactics is your best bet for an Archetype to serve as a Spymaster (but it’s not guaranteed, 10% of the time you will roll CMDR HERO ZEAL as choices)

  • Tactics is your best bet for an Archetype to serve as an Agent (but it’s not guaranteed, 10% of the time you will roll CMDR TACT ZEAL as choices)

  • Commerce will always have an option to choose an Archetype that can serve as an Ambassador

If you prefer a spreadsheet version, here’s a published version and the spreadsheet itself in case you want to fork a copy.

One interesting takeaway (at least to me) is that the “in each city” abilities are pretty strong, assuming you can get Wisdom on your Ambassador / Chancellors (they don’t natively get them) and Courage on your Spymaster.

From a pure min-maxing perspective, it seems to me you want to Tutor your heirs with as many courtiers as you can as soon as they hit 12 and then again at 15, so you get two cycles before they turn 18. I initially didn’t realize you can have multiple tutors and tutor multiple times.

Not sure if you can Tutor while an heir is Exploring, haven’t tried that yet.

Do you mean never here?

I think you mean ZEAL instead of SCHL.