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Yes, they can.

When you discover a new set of laws a window pops up allowing you to choose one. There is also a choice to let the courts decide. That only opens the Laws window, correct? It kind of would have been cool if it randomly picked one for free or reduced cost - maybe influenced by the types of families and the number of cities they have or other factors.

Correct. That “event” is basically just a shortcut for opening the law screen and doing it yourself.

Keep playing! You’ll frequently encounter stuff like this. It’s how the event system works.


Suggestion for @SorenJohnson . I know I’ve seen some windows that list notable characters that will have their opinion affected by a particular choice. This doesn’t happen when choosing a law. It would be nice to try and add it on any screen that affects character opinions because it is impossible for me to remember the traits of characters and it would interrupt the game flow too much to try and look it up.

Also, in addition to listing the affected characters it would be nice to color code them to show whether their opinion will go up or down. Otherwise we need to get the tooltip for each character and look for the relevant trait on their tooltip.

Thanks for the consideration!

Ahh cool. Now that you mention it I think I have seen that. I’m not sure it was for a law or something else though.

I believe archetypes react to laws, not individual characters per se. You can see the opinion adjustments for each law in the encyclopedia entry for that law, but most of it is pretty intuitive.

However, I can’t imagine a situation where you would pick a law based on the mere +20 or so opinion for a single character. But if you’re playing that way, it should be pretty easy to keep straight what he or she likes. The more relevant effect of a law – aside from the law itself, of course – is how a family feels about it, because this is the opinion that will “trickle down” to your cities and military units. And this is listed with bright colorful icons on the law screen!


You’re right, it is an archetype - like Hero. It wouldn’t be the primary factor for choosing a law, but in some cases where I don’t have a strong preference it may tip the scales if I can improve the relations with a leader I really don’t want to fight, or a family that I’m having trouble keeping happy. Especially if multiple characters are effected because of the archetype.

The fact that I worry about details like the above is probably why I have trouble getting into the character part of the game because it overloads my brain :-) I probably worry about details because I know they exist even if it by practical standards I probably don’t need to consider it.

When I played my other games I was playing at a lower difficulty (The good or the strong), and it was easy to keep people happy for the most part. I’m playing on the Noble now and it’s more difficult to keep everyone happy. Probably because discontent rises faster.

Not to sound like I’m talking down to you, but you do realize that implementing a law costs 400 civics, right? And there’s no handy shortcut to buy those civics, unlike some of the other resources. Laws are expensive, and for good reason. If you’re just looking to improve a character’s opinion of you, there are far cheaper ways to do it! An influence mission is a mere 200 money, I believe.

And if you’re at the point where you’re still learning the game, you should be implementing laws for their effect, period. The way laws play into opinion is a minor element of a couple of much larger systems, and if you’re having trouble tracking which archetypes prefer which laws, it’s probably because there’s no pressing gameplay need to do so. :)


I take no offense Tom. I’ve pretty much been ignoring many of the character features in my prior games, except for obvious things that I need to do - trying to improve family relations, using the chancellor to lower discontent in cities, etc… This is the first game I was really trying to engage with the characters. I tend to go down rabbit holes and think if I see some bit of data (like that laws effect opinion), then I should pay attention to it. I need to go with the flow more instead of thinking everything is important. I appreciate your input :-)

Old World is so rich for that, isn’t it? I can literally spend an hour taking a single turn because I like poring over all the little narrative details that come together in my games (aka “Tom Chick attempting to stream Old World”). It feels alive in a way that a Civilization or Crusader Kings map can’t.

Anyway, don’t let me tell you how to play! I just hate to think you’re getting overwhelmed by details of middling importance. :)


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How do I change state religion?

Also, I love the in-game music. Especially the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir. Especially Ei Mori Roujke.

Like the music, I think you need to unlock it. It’ll be somewhere down at the bottom of the tree, perhaps halfway across.

There will be an “Adopt as State Religion” button for every world religion. Select the religion you like, and the button will be on the upper left of your screen. If there are extenuating circumstances, the button should indicate why it can’t be pressed.


This is a little inconsistent with the UI for almost every other similar task, which can be accessed through one of your council, OR through the context menu for the “target” of the action. Change state religion can only be accessed through the latter as far as I could tell.

I think it would make sense to make “change state religion” have your ruler as the “subject” of the action, to make it consistent with the UI paradigm for most other things in the game.

The potential confusion here is that your leader’s religion might not be the state’s religion. His personal religion and your civilization’s religion are two entirely different parameters. Associating them in the interface might make it easier for you personally to find the button, but could it also lead to confused inferences about religion? :)

I’m guessing Mohawk has had this very discussion, and they made a decision after hashing out the pros and cons. I don’t pretend to know the best answer, though.

BTW, the changes to cleric families currently on the test branch seem like they’re going to introduce significant changes to playing religious nations.


Oh good! The cleric changes could give me a reason to dive back on.

So plain old addiction isn’t reason enough? ;)

I was happily addicted for quite some time, and then decided to take a break, so not addicted at the moment. Might become so again, though…

I have short breaks from the game but keep coming back. This is a combination of it being a brilliantly designed game and the devs’ unflagging dedication to improving it. Compared with a year ago it is a better game now and I can see that trend continuing.