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Indeed but I discovered yesterday that if you double your nearest opponent but that score is less than 50% of the VP target then you don’t win until your reach the 50% score. In case that’s not clear, I was on 26 with my nearest opponent on 13 but I couldn’t win until I got to 31 because the VP victory target was 62. In other words, you can’t win as early as you want to this way, even if you are miles ahead.

We debated having the Automate option at all as it doesn’t necessarily fit well with the Orders system. We felt that enough people wanted something like it that we added it at the end, but we stuck it behind a tech to make sure people don’t shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak, at the beginning of the game. (We are adding an option, not sure if it’s in yet, to have automated units not move until the END of your turn, so they will only take action if you have extra orders left.)

Archetypes are Traits - they are basically special Traits that you can only get one of, and they unlock what jobs the characters can perform.

You lose if the AI hits the VP threshold in the upper right (besides city culture level and wonders, you can also get VPs for end-game techs). It’s sort of like a dynamic timer that might end your game early if one AI grows too big.

For most players, I would focus on Ambitions as the way to win. Basically, finish 10 Ambitions, and you win the game.

They are put in your discard pile when they are first unlocked (by researching the tech that unlocks them). They are permanently discarded if you don’t choose them, so you only get one shot at them.

Now, this may have changed since Early Access, but say you researched stone cutting, That opens up the stone boost card. If you have the option to research stone boost and you don’t take it you lose it forever.

Edit: Posted while Soren was posting. I’m glad we said the same thing. LOL

Question 1: For us day 1 early access players is there a master list of all the changes made since the first version?.

I started with Egypt and built a quarry on river expecting a 40% bonus, only to find Egypt has been nerfed and they only get the bonus to farms.

Question #2. When will we have the new Tin Tunes?

Oh, jeez. They patched weekly and those notes are linked in their Discord. I don’t know if a high level summary of what all changed. It was quite a bit.

I read all the patch notes while I was playing, but I didn’t want to go over the 20 weeks of patch notes when I stop playing. I thought it would be kind of interesting just to see how much has changed, basically a consolidated patch notes.

I must say it is a much lower priority than making the game more accessible to release day folks. This is such a gem of a game, that I worry that it not being on Steam and the lack of manual or a wiki will really discourage people from buying/playing it.

BTW: have you tried MP? I have not.

Okay, now I’m even more confused. I research Stonecutting, I get the option to choose Stone Boost, as I’d expect from the tech tree listing, where some techs have an associated a boost card:

OW Stonecutting

However, my priority at this point is Ironworking, so I don’t choose the one shot I have at Stone Boost, at which point it’s discarded to my discard pile, right? That’s what the tooltip tells me:

OW Stone Boost

So since I didn’t take my one shot at Stone Boost immediately after finishing the Stonecutting tech, it won’t come back around? If not, why would it even show as being in my discard pile? And if it will come around again, then I’m definitely getting at least two opportunities to use it. What am I misunderstanding?

And while we’re at it, what do the asterisks next to the everything in the discard pile mean? That they’re in the discard pile? Or is there some other information being imparted?


Yep, works quite well as either FFA or Teams.

Thanks for pointing that out - I will make a note to tighten that up. What you are seeing are the techs that will go in the discard pile but you could still technically switch to if you change your mind. (You can change your mind and go from Ironworking to Stone Boost instead.) Thus, Stone Boost is not trashed until your finish researching Ironworking. So, there should probably be a fourth category - the purgatory pile?

This is actually a very good example of a design question of depth vs clarity, both of which are good things. Allowing you to switch research is good for depth but making research choices permanent is better for clarity. I might actually make that change since we have undo anyway. Hmmm…

Here’s one that was driving me crazy. Q: What are these Roman numerals?

A: They’re the character’s birthdates, but written with Roman numerals for some reason. Which are pretty much unreadable to my eyes. I’m pretty much an Arabic numberals kinda guy, which might be why I didn’t figure it out earlier. But the fact that they’re birth and death dates might not be clear until people start dying and you do the math:

OW deadpool

I can also see now that they’re brackets, with a dash after the Roman numeral waiting for a death date. I had no idea what all that weird symbology was doing, and it’s not tooltipped, and since ages are furthermore always written with Arabic numerals, I found it pretty confusing. I still do if I want to know someone’s birth year at a glance. LXIII is what again?


Then here’s an edge case:

OW because archer wants to be free

Why is the Free Archer in my discard pile? I got composite bow as a free tech from an event, so now the free archer will pop up later? Or did I miss my chance at it? And is that related to why some of the techs have asterisks and some don’t?


The ones with asterisks you can still research if you cancel your current tech.

As for the free archer, that got put in your discard pile because you unlocked it when you got the archery tech.

Ah, I see!

So the idea is that it will be in my discard pile until I draw it again, at which point, I only get one chance at it, and then it’s gone forever? And it’s only in there because I was given the tech, so I haven’t had a chance to personally discard it yet by not choosing it?

Like Stone Boost, it has the “permanently trashed when discarded” tag on their tooltips, which I’m finding confusing when it shows up in my discard pile. This is probably because I play a lot of boardgames that are very precise with language about discard, trash, draw, select, and so forth. I love randomized tech selections as a deck-based concept, so I just want to make sure I understand how the deck is composed. Especially since there are other ways to interact with the deck (e.g. scholar leaders getting a free re-draw).


Yes, I believe you’ve got the system correct. I’ll have to think about how to handle the terminology correctly.

I understand that Charlize Theron is upset with me. Old World is great about giving me the tools to understand and quantify that fact. What I don’t understand is why that fact is relevant to whether or not we get hitched. Here’s the tooltip for a marriage proposal I received from Miss Theron:

OW marriage Charlize

Q: What is the -50% upset modifier relevant to in this marriage proposal? Is it just a general note that when a character’s relationship tips into the “upset bracket”, there’s a -50% modifier to some stuff? That seems to be the implication given how it’s grouped with her, uh, attributes, stats, traits, values…whatever you call wisdom, charisma, courage, and discipline.


Yes, you are getting 50% less Civics and Training than you would normally get because she is Upset with you.


This needs to be filed under “It’s good to be king”.