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What is supposed to happen is that your cities are forced to do Councils as that will send all of your Training to the global stockpile. (I think if you STILL can’t make up for the negative, it just sets it to zero as you lost all your production for the turn anyway.) It rarely comes up, and I wrote this code years ago, so lmk if it’s not working.

I could queue up units, but when the turn processes, each city will drop a Council project into the front of the queue.

Yep, that’s exactly what happened, but even with my cities forced into Councils, I was still running a negative balance because of the trade and tribute deals. I’m assuming those deals should have broken when I couldn’t pay them? If so, I don’t think that’s working. But your forced Councils are definitely working. Very clever solution!


Yeah, my opinion is that a fix here might be worse than the problem, so I’m in wait and see mode to see if they can be actively exploited. Not being able to build anything in cities seems pretty bad!

How is damage distributed when there are multiple damagable entities on a tile?

I’m curious if a worker ‘soaks’ hits for a military unit its co-located with, and same with city HP.

Extra units on a tile, both for cities and stacked units, each take 1 HP of damage

Ok, so damage is applied as normal to the ‘top’ entity (is it city → military → civilian?), and everyone underneath just gets a flat 1 damage?


But that flat 1 damage can’t take the last hit point? Or is that only true for units in cities?

Yes, will never kill a unit

Maybe there should be a concept in the in-gamepedia called collateral damage or something?

@SorenJohnson - possible bug or maybe just strange WAD.

One city challenge (current game of the week)

I parked troops on 3 city sites.
Each incurred a 1 order cost.
This seems correct.

However, after I absorbed the city sites and they turned into Minor City improvements, I still suffer the 1 order cost if a unit is stationed there.

Thanks - probably a bug

I can’t figure out the requirements of a specific wonder. For instance, I have the ambition to build The Colossus. I can see the benefits and the stone, iron, etc requirements to build it. But I don’t have that option in the worker’s menu nor on the map.

Have you switched to the wonders tab in the worker menu? That should show all unbuilt wonders; hover over the Colossus and it will highlight locations on the map it can be built. If you’re standing somewhere you think it should be possible to build it, the tooltip will also colour in red the reason why you can’t.

I did not see the filter in the workers menu :face_palm:
Now, I know better! Thank you.

Yeah, I really hate the default filter. I almost never want to know what I can build where my worker is currently standing.

Ok, so now I have 14 years to build The Colossus and the worker will also take 14 years. Do you think I can make it or am I too late and have to reload?

My current King is not a Builder, so I can’t pile the workers on it to speed things up.


I think that’s OK, but I’m not certain. You might be able to save some time by using an undamaged worker if you have one on hand.

‘Ties’ like this always resolve in your favour from what I’ve seen.

I just completed the Colossus and achieved the Ambition. Phew. That was a close call.