Old World Manual - Link Now Added! :)

Hello all. Soren and company said that after I finished incorporating the latest round of tweaks to the new player’s manual, I should post a link to it here for additional feedback, so…I’m creating a space for that very thing. Should have the changes completed by EOD today and a link posted before I sleep.

I have a printed copy of your Alpha Centauri guide on my bookshelf. It completely changed the way I looked at 4X games. Looking forward to seeing what the Old World manual looks like!

That’s high praise indeed, Kane, and thank you. I’ll do my best not to disappoint. :)

OMG you did the Alpha Centauri guide? Wow!

Please please please have Soren write a few pages like he did for the Civ IV manual. The forward and director notes he did for that made Civ IV mean so much more to me.

I did indeed, many moons ago…have only written a few guides since (one for State of Decay and another for XCom2, on Steam), but when Soren and the team got in touch, well…I love the game, so couldn’t say no. :)

I’ll see what I can do re: convincing Master Soren to write a bit to accompany the book - an excellent idea!

Fantastic :)

@SorenJohnson - I know you’re spread thin, but please do it :)

This place is cool.

I will definitely be getting Old World at some point.

Pretty confident this is awesome news.

Hey guys - as promised - here’s a link to the Old World manual draft.
Bear in mind that this is a draft. I’m still working on adding some appendix tables and one of the reasons that the Mohawk team wanted to share the link here was so that you could help guide the development of the book, so…
Here it is so far. Tell me what else it needs. :)

New link, pointing to a pdf copy, in the event that Word causes problems for some.
Plus, it’s displaying better in the PDF, so…

nothing to contribute probably, but I’ll just say sweeeeeeet.

Hmm, I’m getting an HTTP ERROR 500 message. Is it just me?


EDIT: Never mind, seems I got through. @Velociryx, you might want to edit the link into your original post.

Ah, I came in too late ;D but no such issues here (excepting it wouldn’t open the file in office on my computer, because even MS can’t get around its own ninja software suits).

Done! Switched the link to the PDF too, because the word file isn’t showing the background or handling dropcaps correctly - grrr.

may have you covered there, Left_Empty - the PDF version might be more cooperative.

Oh, awesome, thank you!

Oh, and as an extra bonus, at the end of the book, there’s a link to the “video strategy guide” I’m making and storing on YouTube if you want to hear how big a redneck I am…LOL


just downloaded the Word document, and glad I did. I am planning to print it out. So I removed pergament-style yellow background. I prefer it that way, might be more printerfriendly ( at least for me). Any chance to have the PDF with white background? Thanks a lot for the work. This will certainly help me to get to the game…

SWEET! Thanks @Velociryx

Thank you! Grabbed the file & am looking forward to some quality time…