Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

Aside from the factors you mentioned, it seems to me that they have tightened up city placement, maybe. The other major civs are not necessarily going to declare on you before you can get things going, but you are going to have to declare on them. The days of getting fat on simple barbarians (even tribes) seems to be over. Though I suppose it might be difficulty level rather than the update? Not sure. But it looks to me like you generally start pretty hemmed in.

I’ve lost twice now since the patch. Yay?

Hmm – on what difficulty level?

Definitely finding it more difficult. The biggest thing, I think, is that it is harder to get ahead on natural resources. In past games, all I had to do was crank out some workers, and it just happened. Now I am finding that after building a few of everything, I am above water but not by all that much. I assume that it has to do with maintenance on improvements that do not have specialists, although I have not seen exactly how that is figured.

I’m playing the Game of the Week, which is on “the Just,” and was presumably generated before the patch did any tinkering with the map-generation algorithm. Anyway, it’s going well for me, but it’s certainly less challenging than last week’s GOTW. I may start a random-map game soon on a higher difficulty level to see what you guys are encountering.

Looks like the maintenance for an improvement without a specialist is 0.8 gold / year

One of complaints in pre-patch was that gold was pretty useless. I always had a big surplus, so when the choose were spend a bunch of $ to get something, it was no brainer. I started a game as Rome at Glorious and quickly went broke. Definitely a harder game now, expansion is much slower.

Thanks. I never saw that anywhere, and it helps to know.

First I lost on Glorious, then I lost on Noble. Now I should try Strong and if I fail there keep on moving down…

Does anyone understand how the Herbalist +2 Health is applied?

I think that +2 bonus stacks on the +5 (or whatever it is) bonus from using the heal action.

I believe that that means that when you heal, you heal for two more points than you would otherwise.

Thanks, I’ll watch for that next time.

I was hoping they would heal 2 pts at rest in the field instead of needing to come back to a city and heal.

And thank you as well, kind sir! You’re a gentleman and a scholar, and there are damn few of us left. ;-)

Thinking further about this, and I really, really like it.

In the past, it made absolutely no difference where you went for your raw materials, the assumed infrastructure to get the stone or lumber or ore back to where it could be used was the same, regardless. But now, if you go someplace remote with very low civics, it will be nigh impossible not to pay high overhead, whereas if you are in a city with really high civics, you can knock out a specialist fairly easily… And specialists are now returned to the game as something worth doing, outside of the rather gamey use of them to expand borders.

Not positive, but I think herbalist leads to another promotion which does a bit of that.

I’ve already been thinking I need to classify some cities as second tier and limit them to running the project to create more gold and civics. Previously this was to cut down on micromanaging, but now it seems like it’ll also help with maintenance.

Not sure how to interpret your reasoning on civics, though. Civics go into a global pool, right? Couldn’t you fund specialists in a low-civics city with a civics producing city? Or do I have it wrong and you have to pay for specialists locally?

I also think this is a great change. Previously it didn’t seem like there was a downside to building as many improvements as possible.

Each turn in each city, one of Growth, Training or Civics is consumed to build the current build target. The splits in the build options box indicate which builds eat which type of production. (This is why Militia can be worthwhile: you build them with Growth instead of Training, which is often in more plentiful supply.)

If unused, Growth goes towards making new citizens in that city, Training and Civics go to the global pool.

OK, since everyone was so quick to answer last time I’m back with a tougher question to stump you with.

What’s the meaning of “Opinion from Distance (+/- #)” when you’re about to found a new city?

And probably related, what is the meaning of “Opinion Preferences”? When I delve that I see things like “Leader’s Spouse +40” or “Missing Olives -10/city”. I gather that events or acquired technology are in play but I don’t understand the relevance.

Once again, preface this with a big ol’ “I think”, but it looks like the opinion bonus you get from founding a city for a family decreases the further you get from the family seat. So if you’ve been neglecting those poor Barcids for most of the game, you can’t make it up to them by giving them a newly conquered city on the other side of the continent.