Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

I’ve always been comfortable playing at the “casual” difficulty levels in games. Sometimes, that is the level of difficulty I’m looking for. Having a bunch of harder levels has never really bothered me.

That being said, I know there are a set of people who will inevitably complain that the game is either too hard or too easy at the default difficulty and never change it to an easier or harder level, but you can’t really please those folks.

I’m still finding the game to be relatively chill (easy enough that it feels more exploratory than competitive) at lower difficulties. I’ve always been a lower skilled 4x player.

Winning at “fuck you” difficulty levels like Civ IV Deity has always involved some level of exploiting, whether that was finding the map type the AI couldn’t handle or putting together some broken combination of abilities or whatever. I was happy enough winning consistently on Monarch there, or Hard in the Simtex games, or whatever else, because getting to the point of beating the absurd difficulties that are only there for the true masochists…yeah, no thanks.

Yeah, I see that as an outcome of internet communities of gamers. People find out about angles they never would have considered on their own, and once incorporated into their play, they become a vote for more difficulty. I don’t feel so much negative from it in most strategy games, because it’s relatively easy to create multiple difficulty levels. However, RPGs seem to me to be more damaged. People share all sorts of information, but particularly character builds. But then the game has to be profoundly changed in order to make it challenging for them. And before you know it, the game is overwhelming if you don’t use the ideal character builds and exploration order and say just the perfect thing to key NPCs, to the point that I hesitate to even start without researching… which kind of removes the thrill of exploration from the game.

I like the game, but I do not understand the micro around laying down roads. Would it not be easier to just have a setting that says “build a route to city X” and just let the worker do it without continuing to guide the worker each turn? Am I missing something?

I’m a big fan of Route To X orders for that sort of thing, but in Old World:

  1. You don’t build that many roads, so we’re not talking about a huge burden on the player and
  2. Worker automation has more consideration than e.g. Civ thanks to Orders being a constraint; the first time automation screws me out of being able to move a critical military unit I’m turning it off forever.

These aren’t insurmountable obstacles, but I’m sure they are concerns when it comes to designing UI sugar like that. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mohawk wants the cake to be a little more baked before spending the resources on stuff like this.

It’d be nice to have a “continue road to X” button as a semi-automated compromise.

We just added a Road-To-Target feature on the Test Branch. CTRL+Click the Add Road button.

User error no doubt, just tried doing it and couldn’t get it to work.

You have to left-click to start it. (Somehow, it’s never clear if it should be right- or left-click in these situations.)

Wow, that’s impressive customer service, within an hour of requesting something the developers make it happen :-).

Ok I’d like Donald Trump to stop being President. Might as well aim high!

Serious request, could someone explain how Religion and unhappiness works. I understand you get -1 unhappiness if you the state religion in you city.

I can’t figure out how the rest works.

For example, as Babylon, I was just beaten by the computer getting Manachaism (sp). I resisted letting all the other Religions in my cities and than realizing that Assyrian had it and were bigger, stronger, and meaner than I, so I decide to let Manachasim in and even started spreading it.

Somehow some other religion got into a city. I don’t remember letting it happen but I could be mistaken, can religions spread without your consent?

Now I pissed off every other religion, but ended up with a +6 unhappiness and all it said was religion.
I also had tolerance enacted so I thought maybe that would help.

Anyway I’m at loss to understand how it works in the game, is documented somewhere?



Leyla’s perspective on the old boys club is equally valuable, I just don’t know where to do a thread unroll.

I usually don’t care for twitter threads, but that was a good one. :) I knew she had a lot to do with the lovely art in the game, and it was cool to learn she played such a major role in saving the game financially. I’m also very curious about that second project.

Sorry to hear about the status meetings though!

I’ve played a bit with the newest patch, and the trend seems to me to be the barbs are increasingly dangerous, while the main rivals a bit less. My guess is that this is because they are having trouble with the barbs too.(This is on Glorious difficulty.)

Not that this is a complaint, I am enjoying myself very much.

Just cracked open the latest beta to see what’s changed, looking mostly the same, probably need to play 50 or so turns to see what’s up.

One thing did immediately jump out to me, and I know it’s a minor thing, but the build number in the lower left corner on front menu typically has a date stamp on it that’s not on the latest build that updated today?

Still on main branch so I assume that’s just an over sight and it’ll return.

So, since I’m here, anyone still giving this one a go?

Funny, I had stop playing this for a month, and just fired it up yesterday. I want to see the game of the week but it was too easy so I tried another game as Babylon at Glorious. Got about to turn 80, looks like I’m winning but Greece is competitive with me.

They’ve add quite a few new stories, lots of graphical polish and some Qol. I read in the patch notes they improved the ability to look at all the people but I haven’t really noticed the improvement yet.

I really like the game, but it isn’t quite as good as Civ IV, and I’m not quite sure why.

I would like them to put in some more maps bored with the current selection

I dabbled briefly with the game, but early access doesn’t appeal much to me with a strategy game. I’d rather wait until it’s a little closer to release before really sinking my teeth into it.

That was what I ended up realizing too. Even small things like the placeholder art was bugging me.