Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

Yeah, I don’t know how to delay purchase of this after the constant praise and people behind it. A game of this type and magnitude, I generally wait until after Early Access as opposed to smaller, $10-$20 games that I don’t mind being rough around the edges and still a work in progress. I want the full experience when I dig into this. Seems it may be close to that already. :)

I played it a year or more ago and it was satisfactory then.

I am looking forward to jumping back in.

Unless you need something to play, I’d say wait. I played for an hour the other night and am excited for the game, but the error message stream left me feeling like the game will improve more as it nears official release and that there is tweaking left to do.

Was there mention somewhere (in here perhaps?) that the release is possibly summer of this year?

@Leyla_Johnson has been teasing this on her twitter, seems like a year (really probably only 3 or 4 weeks)
I also got push notice that there is a new scenario out, the second I think.

P.S @SorenJohnson if you or your wife would like to mention a date, nobody actually reads this forum so the secret will be safe here.

I especially don’t read it.

This looks like a pretty fun scenario:

Yeah, I won’t read it either! None of us can read, in fact. Like, at all. Yeah. That.

Read what?! ;)

I promise there will be news coming soon about the release.
AS soon as the news lands I’ll tweet about it:) And we can all NOT read about it here

Followed. :)

I know you all want to issue a release date announcement probably more so than we all want to hear it. I’ll wait patiently (like my kids waiting for the end of the school year).

You might also enjoy our first scripted scenario that came out yesterday:

Oh, I was waiting till official launch to play again but this is testing my resolve.

Hey @SorenJohnson, since you’re around I thought I would ask you about something that’s been in my head since Civ4 in 2005. :)

What are your thoughts on how diplomacy works in team games like this? I’ve had a frequent frustration with how it functions both in Civ4 and how it does here in Old World. It gets a little schizophrenic because while teams are treated as allies for the most part and involved in each other’s wars, the AI and the mechanics aside from that treat them as individuals.

For instance, I’ll play a coop game with my friend against some AI teams. We bump into a neighbor team, Carthage and Assyria. I have super good relations with Carthage but they absolutely hate my friend, partly due to how events have shaken out. They went positive for me but trended negative for him. So Carthage is like +150 with me, -80 with him, and because of that war gets declared on my friend and I end up fighting Carthage and Assyria, who both like me! Assyria really liked the both of us, actually, it’s just that Carthage hated my friend’s guts.

I always wished that when playing Team games, one player per team would be designated as the Diplomat and relations would be handled through that player. So rather than Carthage having a separate opinion with both my friend and I, it would just be my friend (assuming he was the Diplomat). Assyria would have no opinion and wouldn’t drive diplomacy themselves.

I just feel like diplomacy kind of breaks down with Teams due to (literally) the multiple personalities involved in each team. Which is too bad, because I want teams and I like the diplomacy, I don’t want to just fight a total war game where it’s a perpetual state of war or anything.

Is something like that feasible to do, or is that a terrible idea for reasons that haven’t occurred to me? Anyway, just curious. It’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for 15 years now, hah.

That does looks cool, thanks for the heads-up.

oh, me too!

OK I caved, but now I Have a question about the recruit 4 specialists goal. I have two fishermen but I’ve only been credited for one specialist. Is this a bug or do they mean 4 different kinds of specialists?

PS I haven’t played Since last year so I forgotten how somethings work and haven’t learned about vatious changes,
But since I’ve been playing some games with the units move like molasses the rapid unit movement in Old World makes me smile.

They respond very quickly on their discord server, it seems I already had one fisherman when I got the goal and they wanted 4 new specialists.
Also, I need to replay the tutorial sometime soon

and they have already said they are going to change that call to include already constructed specialists! Since I hadn’t played for so long I’d forgotten how responsive they are.

So, in this new scripted scenario, what aspects are scripted? I assume the map and goals, but are events and enemy starting locations also completely pre-determined as well?