Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

Steam isn’t much better. It was at least usable last time I checked, something it couldn’t say last winter.

Yeah the EGS itself is laggy & miserable on ARM Mac. But Old World for certain reports as a universal app. Not sure if you can launch it completely stand-alone to avoid the extra EGS layer though. If you try that with Phoenix Point it reliably crashes.

One additional suggestion - turn down the graphic preset to low (if you can handle it) and see how performance and heat change. I wouldn’t call it good exactly, but it’s better & more responsive than at the high DPI / high quality preset it ships with.


+1. I’ve been playing a fair bit of Civ6 lately even though it’s by far my least favorite Civ — Soren’s Civ4 is clearly the best :-). But I’m sick of sitting at my desk in front of the computer all day and Civ6 is available on the Xbox and I prefer to be playing games while sitting on the sofa.

Same, now that I work from home all the time I want to move away from the desk and onto the couch in the evenings. So I just plug the PC into the big OLED TV and play controller games.

Thankfully many traditionally mouse-type games that I like support controller on PC now (Civs, AoWs, XCOMs, ARPGs, even MMOs), thanks to console versions.

For this article this is what I have to say:

I spotted the line you’re referring to ;D

Quote please! For those of us who won’t read the article.


So the human history span of Civ (including Empire Earth) always overwhelmed me but I’ve also joked in the past that ‘You know why ‘just one more turn’ is a thing? Because so little happens each turn’, and yet, it’s rare I finish a 4X campaign before the sprawl and busywork eventually gets to me.

I loved Through The Ages because every turn was dense with activity, decisions and possibilities, and the ages made the game more digestible. It’s a different and more abstract beast, I know, but the turn orders system in Old World reminds me of it: by limiting how much you can do, it gives every action more weight. I really like that simple twist.

> Old World may never end up in a title fight for the 4X crown with Civilization


Oh, so just a bit of preview puffery. From Layla’s “never say never”, I thought by not reading the article I was missing out on some cool feature that hadn’t been taken off the table yet!


I figured it was a Steam reference, but nothing in the article hinted of that.

I thought it was about charging micro-transactions for extra turns like Farmville.

If I was the business manager for Mohawk, I’d totally do this. A $1 for 10 orders, $2 for 25 orders, and $5 for 100 orders, that never expire. .I would have paid :-).

No, you sell a DLC hero that allows extra orders. This is the way.

That’s not a bad idea, but you’d take flak for lack of content. The problem with DLC is you are limited only making $10-20 per DLC. Even loyal EU IV customer probably have spent no more than couple hundred over their lifetime… . Microtransaction is how you can make many thousands of dollars from game addicts. IIRC, Soren did have a brief stint at Zynga.

He did, but it looks like he didn’t master the dark art of abusing microtransactions.

Well he says he got the idea of orders from online facebook type games, except that in a zynga type game the customer would have to pay for each batch of orders.

So it’s less a case of “didn’t master” so much as it is a case of “refused to sell his soul.”


Yes, that was the joke that was being made.

Yup, when people complain about game company XYZ being evil, often with good reason, my comparison point is always Zynga. I mean their pricing and addictive nature of the games, gives tobacco companies competition in the evil department.

As far as I’m concerned the order system for Old World is possibly the only good thing that’s ever come out of the place.