Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

Oh nice! Had a lot of fun with it.

Ditto, I was getting depressed seeing all these best games lists without Old world

Old world is not just the best strategy game but the best game of the year overall if you ask me.

It may not be the one I clocked the most hours in, but it’s definitely the game I thought about the most. There are so many incredibly smart decisions in Old World’s design that it’s hard to discuss without going into full-blown armchair dev mode and critiquing the whole 4x genre.

Argh, how can I play this with Warhammer 2 still breathing down my neck.

This is the second Epic Store game I picked up this week. It was on my radar for a while, since Tom’s rendition of gameplay caught my eye, and figured it’s a no-brainer for a TBS-loving player like me. And besides, I’ve only ever bought one game on the Epic Store before this week despite the massive collection of free-bees I have from them now, so I sort of owed them something. And it’s on sale and there’s a coupon.

Civ IV is the crown jewel of TBS games for me, so I’m eager to try out another new take on the genre.

My congratulations to Soren and the whole incredibly creative and customer-friendly dev team. Richly deserved.

Just got it at the great Epic coupon price and I’m really looking forward to exploring it over Christmas break!

Do it!

I can feel you anger. It gives you focus. It makes you stronger.

Yea!!! Well deserved!


Every time I play Old World and feel I get a handle on things, then something is posted on this forum and I realise I understand nothing. It’s a game which can be played and enjoyed without understanding, but the deeper you delve, the more the rabbit hole goes. It’s a fantastic game, that I’m still only starting to understand and the more you understand, the more you appreciate the game design. It’s not perfect, but god damn it’s good.

Happy to report that my Civ-loving girlfriend appears to be rather enthralled with Old World thus far!

Been a month or so since I’ve played and today when I tried to boot it up it never booted and the Epic launcher restarted after a minute. I even rebooted my PC and when that didn’t work I uninstalled/reinstalled OW. Still, launch…Epic launcher disappears then pops back up and OW never launches. Anyone else here seen this?

I did try a couple of other Epic games and they both launched fine.

I’ll give it a try in a little bit and let you know.

It’s starting for me, but I just got two CTDs… (Going back from the Tutorials screen, and trying the Mods button.)

you don’t need to use the epic launcher… try launching it directly

Thanks for checking. I don’t get anything. I hit ‘Launch’ from the Epic launcher, then is seems to want to start (I see the OW icon in my taskbar at bottom of screen), then I here a Windows ‘bing’ and the icon disappears and Epic launcher starts up again. But only for OW, I’ve tried a couple of other games with no issue.

EDIT: Thanks @justaguy2 . That was my next try. Hope it works.

EDIT 2: manual shortcut (created by going to the .exe itself) boots up OW but then it stays a blackscreen and I have to manually close it. Tried the little ‘shortcut’ link from Epic which created a shortcut on my desktop, but clicking that does the same thing as using Epic launcher itself. Weird.

update your graphics card drivers

I did just before Christmas so didn’t consider that, but it’s sure worth a shot.