Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

Played all weekend and am now about a hundred turns in to my first game. Absolutely loving the game so far. While the game is incredibly detailed I didn’t find it as hard to get in to as some others here. Especially compared to say Crusader Kings which I struggled with way more.

I found myself in an interesting situation last night. At some point my only living son ran away with his new wife and this made him no longer eligible as my successor. This made me notice how my whole dynasty didn’t have any woman who are alive and are younger than 50. Surely this would leave to an end game state if I didn’t find a way to have new children for our family.

In the end I decided to try and abdicate, making me switch to a male leader. I made this guy divorce his too old wife and remarried with a 45 year old, hoping she would be able to have children still. At this point I got offered to adopt a child which I accepted and this somewhat saved the day. The judge is still out if my other play for children would have worked.

I wonder actually if the game will always offer adoption to remedy a situation like this. Should I not have bothered with this course of action? Pretty fun turn of events either way.

There are fair number of safeguard events, adoption, bastard children, defeated enemies etc.

I don’t think ever been in a situation where I died without.an heir. Now, dying with insane, or useless heir that’s happened. So while it is important to make sure you have some young blood in the destiny, don’t panic about it.

Have people tried any of the other inheritance laws? For my second game I tried out Egypt with ultimogeniture (youngest child inherits) and it (unsurprisingly) made things a bit easier. The tradeoff is that you’re more likely to end up with a child ruler–which can lead to interesting events–but that didn’t actually happen this game (whereas it did in my previous one with “standard” primogeniture) and the extended reigns more than make up for it. In fact, the queen with whom I won actually celebrated her golden jubilee (though TBH I was a little underwhelmed by the event). I ended up winning the game (mercy rule) after three queens (though the next heir was male). [Though I had a pretty amazing game independent of the succession laws; I started work on the hanging gardens on turn one and it just went from there.]

The only other downside was that once or twice I had invested some cash in tutoring an heir only for another one to pop out, but again it was a minor inconvenience.

Also towards the end, as I was finishing off the Persians, turn times got really long (minutes) and there were multiple lines printed to the effect of “infinite loop detected during move computation” (or something) (using the test build). Would posting a save game be of use, @SorenJohnson?

Yes, it probably would. Thanks

Well, I thought about trying to skirt Discourse’s rules by renaming the zip to a png and telling you to rename it back, but that just seemed silly…

I ran into a bug this morning that didn’t want to load any save files for a specific game I have going. Seems yesterdays update broke that game. Posted my save file on the Discord bug channel and hoping for a fix soon as I was really into the setup I had going. Also a bit hesitant to start a new game if I can’t trust the save files will load later on.

Anyone else here having similar problems?

I haven’t but I also haven’t played with the latest update yet.

I’ve been meaning to chime in and say that I’ve been enjoying my (admittedly young) playthrough of Old World. After the overwhelming start, I’ve really taken to deep diving into the tooltips and loving the tapestry of systems at play. Thanks to Tom’s AAR which has helped a lot, some of the comments here and the excellent tooltip system, I’m starting to get it. I’m excited.

Oh and I don’t think anyone has mentioned it but the soundtrack is fantastic. I’ve not checked which pieces are Christopher Tin’s yet but I was really pleased to hear Philip Glass’ Glassworks in there (especially after Offworld’s ‘Martian Glassworks Inc.’ nod). I also like that there’s space between the tracks to let the ambience of the game breath a little and a built-in music player too.

I also thought it was hilarious that you need to invent Drama before the game will play music. I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s a good idea, but it certainly is amusing…

Yeah, when I was playing around sometime in Early Access I initially thought music wasn’t in the game yet. :)

Wait, what? I started as the Greeks and don’t recall having to invent drama to hear music!

I couldn’t tell for sure if that was sincere or tongue in cheek, but Greece starts with Drama as one of their initial techs so they immediately get to listen to some bangers as they beat up barbarians. :)

Haha, not tongue in cheek! Wow, I kind of lucked out on that one then! That sounds like a really neat touch.

Anyone experiencing massive issues when more than half of the map is visible? I’m in turn 75 and it’s all stuttering… Very annoying since I was enjoying the game.

I think I’ll wait for a few patches because scrolling the map is irritating.

Btw, Intel i7 9700k, RTX 2070 Super and 32 Gb RAM.

Didn’t Civ VI do this also?

Ha ha, you played Civ VI.


I’m not sure “playing” is the verb I’d use. Pretty much equal parts, eye rolling at the incredibly stupid AI, wondering how many how few archers I could use to hold my empire (two but sometimes one)., admiring the music, and crying about what become of a great franchise. Steam tell me I have 210 hours “playing” Civ VI, which is an all time low for any Civ game…

1up was it’s downfall - according to me :)

A rather strange review, I’m not sure the author really groked the game. He used “technology” in place of culture several times.