Older RAM

there was a time that I didn’t deal with any hardware at all and apparently during that time a type of RAM I need was introduced and went away. I received an older Dell Dimension 8100 from a friend for my wife to play WoW on and I want to upgrade the memory but I don’t want to buy the wrong kind. Here’s what Dell offers:

Dells site

but, I don’t want to pay that much money for 512, so I look on pricewatch and find this:

pricewatch pc600

but I’m not sure if that’s right either. It looks like that RAM with the slots in the middle, but I dont wanna buy the wrong kind. Anyone know for sure?

The pc is a p4 1.4

Rambus also needs to be installed in pairs.

Here’s some more prices:


The 8100 is the “most popular search” for RDRAM on that site.

pc600 from pricewatch is a pair of 256 chips.

On another note, is that ram on pricewatch what I need? would it work?

The other site wants to put PC800 in the Dell. That’s just a different memory speed. If you can find a Dell manual saying PC600, then that’s it.

You’re right. man, that’s freaking expensive.

That’s why everyone hated RDRAM. It was anointed the RAM Of The Future by Intel, and when it turned out to be much more expensive that the SDRAM is was replacing, they fell back to DDR SDRAM, which AMD was already using.

Just another one of Intel’s missteps.

is this more what I’m looking for then?


Looks good to me.