OLED TV: is it time?


PlayStation VR uses OLED, too. No one has shipped a dedicated headset that doesn’t use OLED since the early Occulus devkits and people definitely noticed the improvement with the move to OLED.


Ah. The only one I’ve seen is an early Oculus dev kit :)


I assume this is a problem for OLED TVs as well? How much sunlight is a problem?


The issue with the Rift & Vive and direct sunlight is not the OLED screens, it’s the fresnel lenses acting as a magnifying glass.


Thanks for the correction, I didn’t know that!


Thanks @Gendal, I was thinking of getting an OLED TV, and that post had me worried, as the room it would go in does get a fair amount of sunlight in the morning.


OLEDs are not ideal for rooms with a ton of light. They do not get as bright as some of the top tier LCDs. That said, there are many who have reported over at the AVS Forums that OLEDs are just fine in brighter rooms, even though you lose the competitive advantage of the perfect blacks.

All of which is completely subjective, of course. And I think you were probably referring to the idea that sunlight damages OLEDs. But I just wanted to put out there that a brighter room is not necessarily a dealbreaker.


Thanks @Justin_Fletcher. I was indeed most concerned about the idea that OLEDs might be damaged by sunlight. The living room it would go in gets a lot of morning sunlight, even with the drapes closed it is very bright. But I’d be mostly using the TV in the afternoon (when sunlight hits other parts of the house but nothing goes directly though the living room windows) or evening.


Hmmm. Looks like there might be some concern about sunlight “damage” after all.


Why would someone put their TV in a spot where direct sunlight would hit it? Does not compute.


Because some of us don’t live in apartments that are that big. My entire living room gets sunlight in the morning. I am not going to put my TV in the bedroom. Therefore the TV will be in a location which receives sunlight.


Same. I’m in a small townhouse and it’s impossible to find a spot that wouldn’t be in direct sunlight at least part of the day. I have some windows high up which don’t have or need any covering.


I’d recommend a TV cover in these cases. Worth it to protect MY PRECIOUS


55" B7 is down to £2,350 already (some places had it even lower briefly over the weekend).


Costco now carrying LG OLEDs


They may be carrying them but I can’t tell whether the prices are competitive. Here’s what I’m seeing:

65" LG B7: $3750
55" LG B7: $2450


I didn’t check the model numbers, just saw it up front when I went in this weekend. I still have a few months before my planned purchase date, as I’m going to need to update my receiver and my xbone at the same time, and I’m hoping the receivers with the updated HDMI/HDCP specs will be out by the time the xBoneX is out (as I really don’t want to have to buy a new receiver every time I get a higher res TV).

Thinking around black friday…


If you’re willing to go with online retailers, you can get the 65" C7 for around $2,500 currently. I bought mine for $2,900 two weeks earlier, thinking there was no way it would go cheaper until August/September and no way it would hit $2,500 until, maybe, Black Friday.

Wrong. :(

Of course, I can price match to a little less than that amount through my credit card’s price protection. But the shady retailers are advertising it for less than $2,000 online. Buy it for $2,500 and price match to one of them, and you could potentially get the 65" for $2K three to four months after release. Insane.

You’ll need to call the vendors for a quote, though. They can’t advertise those prices on their websites. A lot of people have had luck with Beach Camera, which is an authorized reseller.

More details here (go to the more recent posts).


How are you getting a price match if they’re not advertising the prices?


You have to make sure you get an invoice showing the actual sale price. Retailers generally understand this, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get. Still, it probably wouldn’t hurt to confirm that you can get one before you pay.

The terms will depend on the card you use, but it is common that you can’t get a price match for bundles (say, a free mount or HDMI cables). If that’s what you get, make sure that they can give you an invoice with only the TV on it.

After you buy the TV, do a “print to PDF” of the product page with price at a place like eBuyUSA or some of the others who have dirt cheap prices on Google. This will give your a date on the page that needs to be after you purchase date but before the price match window ends (Citi = 60 days, Discover = 90, I think). Or do a screen shot with your system tray clock showing.

The model number must be an exact match between your purchase and the price match item. Be especially mindful of this when buying from warehouses or during special sales like Black Friday.

Then go to your card’s site and find out the submission process. Both Citi and Discover will give you a max of $500 per item (up to, I think, $2,500 a year).