OLED TV: is it time?


I fucking love my OLED set. It would have been worth it at twice the price, frankly. It is so so so good.


Yeah, I’m pulling the trigger on another one later this year, as soon as my renovations are done in the room I want to install it. I was going to just get a secondary TV/decent LCD, but I think I’d just regret it. As is, I’m happy to have never owned an LCD, going straight from Plasma to OLED


But I heard the performance of its web browser is shit. So it can’t possibly be good.


You go, girl!


So the new firmware for the OLEDs adds HDR-HLG format (although not sure if there is any source material for it yet) in addition to HDR-10 and Dolbyvision. Cool to have some additional future proofing, but apparently it mucks with the HDR-Game mode setting by making it too dark, and also has issues with the PS4 Pro HDR handshake over HDMI (which was already a little flaky): https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2017/07/19/latest-lg-oled-firmware-update-reportedly-a-disaster-for-gamers/#5804f400ccc1

It’s weird that LG did NOT push through the HDR-Game Mode update through the TV’s autoupdating feature (had to update through USB), but did push through this latest firmware through the autoupdate. Haven’t tried it for gaming yet to see if I notice the reported issues – Wumpus, any comment?


There’s no HLG source yet other than some test broadcasts, but it’s going to be the only way to get HDR on a broadcast basis for quite some time, because of its backwards compatibility. The BBC and NHK are backing it.


It also borks the internal YouTube app’s HDR content, making everything washed out. I’ve been avoiding the firmware like the plague. If you accidentally hit yes to the update nag when turning on the TV (like I did), turn the set off immediately. It stops the update and changes the nag to “Do you want to continue the update?”


Awesome. Just got confirmation that my order for a B7 under a somewhat iffy but ridonkulous-if-honoured deal went through. Got a 2017 model OLED TV (and another, crappy TV) for about what the 2016s were going for six months ago.


Amazing deal! I’m sure you will really enjoy it.


Hahaha. The glories of DPD. According to the tracking information I just got from Currys, the shitty TV part of the deal was delivered and signed for… in November 2016.


Wow. Loving this set so far. The fireworks demo clip looks truly unbelievable. And the Netflix/Amazon content looks great too. Now I just need Microsoft to release the XboneX so I can get my 4K HDR gaming/Blu Rays on. Planning to watch Gravity tonight. It’s only a 1080p SDR source, but I want to luxuriate in the inky dark of space anyway.

I’m pretty impressed with the operating system too. It’s not super responsive when you dig into the menus below the surface, but it’s fairly customisable and good about picking up where you left off. My one complaint so far is there doesn’t seem to be a proper picture-in-picture function. There’s a side-by-side thing, but as far as I can tell that needs different inputs. And you can have a TV PIP while using the browser, but not other apps.


Just to double check, but there aren’t any reasonably sized (under 50") OLED 4k sets under a grand in the world yet, are there? Friend is buying her first TV in a terrifying amount of time tomorrow and is trying to stay under those figures. I’d love to help her future proof and get the best thing possible for her money, but it’s looking like that will probably be an IPS LCD-LED with local dimming and as long a list of HDR subtype compatibilities as I can find…


There’s no under 55" OLED sets. Period.


That seems weird to me! Is there a technical limitation or manufacturing reason for why oled tvs aren’t sold if under that size? Or just because they can only charge enough to be worth it if it’s that size or larger?


AFAICT, the latter. Sub-50" TVs are sold at much less of a premium, so no one puts their latest, cutting-edge (or really even trailing-edge) tech into them. Which has been frustrating to me- I bought a 37" 1080p TV over 10 years ago. Pretty good deal for the time. Now I’m looking to upgrade, but the equivalent (~40-43") in 4K/HDR are all mediocre in regards to future-proofing.


Big drop on E7 and C7.

Disclosure: I write and mod for HTF. And have bought stuff at Value


Last I checked the B7’s were $1,999 (55) and $2,999 (65) at costco… still are.


Not seeing the C7 prices in that link. Maybe I’m missing it?

Are those B7Ps or B7As? The former is in line with the C7, while the B7As should be going for less.

You can also get the C7 for less from reputable online retailers.


Specific question I didn’t previously consider: What major improvements are left to make for the current set of high-end OLEDs like the LGs so many recommend in this thread?

I’m still waiting for further price drops, but I’m curious what’s still waiting in the wings that new models in 2018/2019 might introduce for OLEDs which already seem to be so far ahead of the pack.



Re: C7 give Value a call. Not sure he can advertise hi C price the way they can the E