OLED TV: is it time?


Yea exactly!! that was the price I noticed and was like… hmm… hmmmm!!!


And keep in mind there are two B7 models: B7P and B7A. The primary difference is that the integrated speakers of the B7A are 2.0 instead of 2.2, so they can’t decode Atmos audio. Which really doesn’t matter because playing Atmos through internal TV speakers doesn’t make any sense (the set can still pass lossy Atmos audio to a receiver, though).

So the B7A is a few hundred cheaper and is the absolute best bang for the buck of the LG models. I probably would have gotten it instead of the C7 if it had been announced at the time I purchased (though I realllllllllly like the black trim of the C7).

I got mine from well-respected vendor Cleveland AV (the artist formerly known as Cleveland Plasma) for a good price well below the brick and mortar stores and quick shipping. Just remember, though, that returns are a huge pain if you don’t buy local.


I’m probably going to hold off for another year. I really want HDMI 2.1 and adaptive refresh. And my old 60" LED would look pretty crazy on the dresser in my bedroom. I can deal with it, but it’ll be big. Maybe I’ll get a wall-mount for that.


Speaking of Atmos, I’ve been trying to understand something. I’ve yet to see anybody suggest using Atmos gives a benefit in a 5.1 setup, even if the hardware is compatible, but I don’t understand why not. You won’t have the vertical effect, but surely you’d get some benefit from object based surround?


So I have a 2013 LG plasma that I would love to replace with the B7 buuuuut what do I do with the plasma? Has anyone had any luck selling their older plasmas? This thing weighs close to 100 lbs plus with BF deals it’s not likely right? I’ve already got a 4K downstairs and I can’t see this thing sitting on a dresser in my bedroom.


I couldn’t give mine away for free to any friends/family. Like yours, it was easily almost 100+ pounds.

If the plasma works, the Salvation Army will accept working flat panel TVs for free.

I got rid of a working but old 2007 Panasonic Plasma this way last year.



Is OLED worth it for just regular TV/streaming/Blu-ray? I’d really like this for my PS4 but that’s not hooked up to the primary tv. I don’t think I could justify this to just stash it downstairs for games only.


“Worth it” is a value judgment that you can only make for yourself. OLED isn’t bullshit like 3D, though. It’s objectively better looking.


Everything I’ve seen on OLED at friends and in stores makes my current bunch of 4k lcd’s at home seem like ancient technology. The colors…They are so Visually Stunning. :D

I just wish for OLED tvs in the 40-48" range.


Does your PS4 support HDR? If not, then I don’t think it would be.


I’m sure this question was answered a billion times in this thread already, but are you guys confirming that the 2017 panels are the exact same as the 2016 panels, and the only differences are in speakers?

If so, what’s the cheapest available price for a 65” that has the best OLED picture quality / brightness?


All PS4s support HDR as far as I know. I have a Pro so I know that does for sure but I think even the old ones were updated to support it this year.


Replying to a few things at once:

Yes, all PS4s do HDR.

And HDR is becoming more of a factor with streaming (especially Netflix and Amazon), so I’d say OLED is “worth it” in my book just for that. But I’ve heard that there have been problems with console Netflix implementations putting everything in HDR mode, even if it’s not HDR, so you might want to look into it before you buy if you’re relying on a console as a streamer (I find the LG Netflix and Amazon apps to be excellent, though, so it might be a non-issue).

I also think the amazing contrast afforded by OLED makes Blu-rays look better than ever, even at 1080p. And, when you’re ready, you can update to 4K/HDR discs and a player to really get the most out of the set.

[EDIT: “Regular TV” will depend on the quality of your signal. A low quality signal is going to look like garbage on an LG OLED (I’ve heard), especially if it’s interlaced. YMMV.]

The 2017 panels may be the same as the 2016 (I’ve never seen confirmation but it makes sense), but they have been tweaked. As a result, overall PQ has been increased, especially handling of near-blacks, though some believe uniformity has taken a step back as a result. The uniformity of my set isn’t the greatest, but I almost never see “jail bars” with actual content.

I don’t know what the cheapest prices are right now from reputable vendors, but the set you should be looking at for best-bang-for-buck is the LG B7A.

One more thing:

I’ve recently learned that Game Mode lowers lag to 21ms, but it forces the set into Wide color mode (which is usually used only for HDR games). So if you’re a color purist, you have to learn to live with it (it’s really not so bad) or you need to change the input icon to PC in the Input menu. This will allow you to use the other picture modes, like the ISF presets, while maintaining low lag. Though this introduces some other issues.

Nobody ever said this would be easy. :)


No, no, no. The 2016 panels are basically all the same*, and the 2017 panels are absolutely all the same, but there are big differences between the 2016 and 2017 panels.

*Mainly the lack of 3D on the B6, the curve on the C6, and a slightly different chipset between B6 and others.


Got it. Thanks!


So I went to target to check out the B7 55” in person and while there’s no doubt the picture looks really good I’m not sure spend $1500 to replace a perfectly good plasma good you know? Plus for whatever reason the 55” looked really small compared to the 60” I’m used to. Maybe it was just because it was right next to the larger screen sizes so it looks smaller than it would alone but I think it would be tough to go down in size for our main tv. I don’t know I’m still torn but I’ll probably just wait until next year, maybe save up for the 65” model.


Ok, follow-up question. Can someone provide a simple layout of all the available LG 2017 panels and what the differences are between them, and what the lowest prices are for each?

If I don’t need built-in speaker at all (I already have a nice 5.1 system I’m happy with and never use built-in speakers) is there any reason to get anything but the cheapest one?


Add columns and filters, LG / 2017 / OLED or whatever else you want. :)


I pretty much stepped through all of that last night @LMN8R and landed on the LG B7A. The site that @lordkosc linked was one of them that I read through. As much as I think I might like the all black bezel of some of the models I’m gonna pull the trigger on B7A (maybe today… I’m dragging my feet!!)


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