OLED TV: is it time?


This year it’s $1500-$1800, and one year ago it was $3500, that’s what I paid and it was worth every penny. Hell, I’d buy it again at the very same price. OLED is that damn good.

I am very happy it’s trickling down so everyone can have displays that make sweet, sweet love to their eyes!

However, I remain bitter that there are zero mainstream computer OLED displays (for practical purposes, yeah you can buy a medical imaging display or whatever but I mean mainstream very high end monitors) at any price.


That is bizarre. I wonder why?


No idea but it sucks.


Dell actually made one, but it’s no longer available. Maybe LG and Samsung decided their manufacturing capacity would be more profitably used making phone and TV displays?


Maybe computer screens have too many burn in issues? You’d think phones would have identical types of usage patterns though…


That’s a good point. But not at all, people look at their phones for a couple minutes, never hours unless they’re watching movies which don’t cause burn-in. Same with TVs, burn-in is much less of a concern as you’re mostly watching video.

But my windows start bar is at the bottom of the screen 100% of the time, pretty much. And I don’t move my browser around, so all that chrome is on screen too.


No need to wait if you have price protection on your credit card. Buy it wherever you want and then price match it* to this bait and switch site. Voila!

*Make sure you check the terms of your price match program. I know it works for some Citi, Chase, and Discover cards. I got $500 back under the terms of my card.


I’ve got one other chart he might consider:


Don’t care about the color of your bezel or stand?
-------> B7A <-------

Want a black bezel, cost be damned?
-------> C7P <-------


Is it a matter of pixel density being a problem for OLEDs? Computer monitors need much higher density…perhaps a problem for current OLED manufacturing methods.



LG OLED55B7A 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017)
Cinematic Color on Perfect Black Active HDR with Dolby Vision Billion Rich Colors Wide Viewing Angle webOS 3.5 Smart TV Channel Plus

7 days left


Seeing prices drop so much this year, I bet we get $1000 OLED tvs next year.


Heh, 3rd time for the link to the newegg flash site. I still wonder if it’s a good place to buy it from… vs your standard Target/Best buy/Local AV store (if they have it at the typical discounted price of $1500)


I don’t know that I’ll ever feel comfy paying more than about $600 for a TV, so it looks like I’ll be waiting on the OLED revolution until 2019!


Just pay attention that’s not “from” Newegg, just a 3rd party retailer using Newegg’s site. Your chances of getting the third party retailer to address problems is … less than sure. They also have 0 reviews to their name. Caveat emptor.


Yeah, and newegg can be problematic with support. They’re probably not an authorized dealer either.

On the bright side, you do save sales tax.


You can get from B&H without sales tax is you don’t live in NY state for 1496 shipped. I’d do that and not risk the drama of ordering from a nobody third party on a dying site. But it’s not my money.



I could totally buy one of those - if I first win one of four $1000 B&H Gift Cards. But I can’t even find where on the site to enter the drawing, so I am clearly not worthy of an LGB7A. snif


Is there a non-NY based one that is sales-tax free for those of us living in NYC? The lack of a sales tax would push me over the edge I think - otherwise I’m tempted to hold on until it’s another 2-300 cheaper.




Prices aren’t listed - shipping +$100 @Ex-SWoo if you do call let us know what the price is for the B7A :)

Looks like the New Egg Flash deal is dead, so I no longer need to ponder about that possibility… the reasons that @Enidigm and @stusser pointed out were exactly what was bothering me.